Quad URD wire is a preferred option for use in power distribution in irrigation system. The underground residential distribution wire, also referred to as URD wire, consists of a conductor designed of strands made of compressed aluminum alloy of the 1350 series.

When it comes to irrigation system power distribution, you need a cable that can counter mechanical and environmental damage. The 1350 aluminum alloy series is considered a high content aluminum material and is commonly referred to as EC where the ‘EC’ stands for electrically conduction. This aluminum alloy series contains 99.5% of aluminum and is believed to be much more electrically conductive compared to other alloys in the 1000 series aluminum.

While there are other aluminum wire materials containing higher content of aluminum than the 1350 series, the users find those to be difficult to find and are pretty quite expensive. That’s why the 1350 series alloys of aluminum are commonly used in Quadruplex aAluminum URD cable.

How is Quadruplex URD wire engineered?

This wire is made of compressed aluminum 1350 alloy series and comes with an insulation of made of cross-linked polyethylene XLPE. Cross-linked polyethylene is a thermoset resin used in the cable to protect it from things like abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and moisture.

Uses of Quadruplex URD wire

Quad URD wire is made for direct burial though it may also be used in ducts. It is designed for secondary distribution as well as underground service having 600 volts. The operating temperature for the wire is 90 degrees Celsius in wet or dry conditions.

Since the engineering of the wire provides a quality self-sealing cable, it tends to perform well in installation that are deemed problematic due to risks such as installation damage, homeowner damage such as use of a shovel, adjacent utility work damage, or damage that may be caused by voltage surges and lightning strikes.

The Quad URD cable works well in areas having rough soil types. In these areas, damage could arise when doing the installation, but because the cable is self-healing, it provides many advantages when used in such circumstances. A reliable power distribution cable in agricultural irrigation systems, Quad URD is used to provide power to linear as well as center pivots irrigation systems. 

For an efficient irrigation system, you may want to use Quadruplex URD wire designed by a trusted cable manufacturer. This way, you will ensure continued operation of the system while minimizing the losses and downtimes that may occur due to foreseen or unforeseen damages.

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