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We live in a time defined heavily by art and technology. A lot of artistic inventions influence entertainment in many ways. Without the exception, drama and theatric works has modeled and revolutionized the whole scope of modern day entertainment. More precisely, there is certainty that a lot of developments have been established in the field of theatre that cannot be overemphasized. One of the key features of any theatre performance such as dances is the stage lighting. The stage must be well equipped and modeled so as to make the entertainment more thrilling and full-filing.

To every performance art, the stage plays a vital role because it helps on setting the mood of the play. You can optimize and make the best of a stage when you illuminated it well. This is why stage lighting is very critical.

So what’s stage lighting?
Stage lighting is essentially the craft of ensuring there is appropriate lighting for production purposes for dances, opera, theatre and many more hybrids of performance arts. Arts and performances use quite a wide variety of stage lighting instruments to facilitate the use of modern stage lighting equipment like lasers and fog machines.

Many people out there make a living out of these performance arts and are always on the lookout on how to make their stage platforms more breathtaking. You’re probably part of this business, but like many in your field, you have never had the opportunity to read an elaborate post about stage lighting, you just clicked the right link. This post will guide you on how to choose make the most out of stage lighting cables and leave the audience wowed. It guarantees you reliable information about these cables. You will also get the information necessarily to spur to making selective choices about your stage lighting cables; a special strand of cable that is uniquely made to ensure uttermost efficiency in stage lights.

There are many cable suppliers out there who deal in stage lighting cables, many of them sell substandard cables and all they care about is making profit. However there are also genuine and quality cables such as from Nassau electrical which will serve you well. Nassau is a reliable market leader in quality cable sales worldwide and we’d recommend you give it a try if you want customer service that will impress you and high quality products that will outlive their anticipated lifespan.

Why is it important that you use the right cable for Stage Lighting?
There are many Cables and Wires out there you can use to substitute the stage lighting cable and everything will still work out just okay. But come to think about it; you run or want to do wiring on a stage where people will be paying their hard-earned money to get an experience of lifetime would it be just okay to give them a substandard experience? No it wouldn’t. You would take chances with the quality of the service and more so with your reputation.

Here’s what happens; when you misappropriate cables, you compromise a lighting system and even if it works, people who visit venues where the appropriate cables were used will notice the substandard value of your system. When the right cable is used for lighting, the lighting system is optimized and every light will produce the exact amount of light it is programmed to relay but if the wrong cable is used, there will a problem with conveyance of signals and as a result, the system will produce more or less light than what it intends to. That’s why it is very important to use the right cable for every light, it guarantees you uttermost efficiency.

These two types are central to the industry of entertainment. With these cables, your lighting will hardly go wrong and if you use them as appropriate, you’ll be impressed with the top notch quality of lighting. The stage will be so lovely that even without a performance you’d just want to sit there, watch and feel soothed. They are: Type SC Stage lighting cableand Type PPC VU-TRON CSA cable.

What you need to know about Type SC Stage lighting Cable
Entertainment is just as important to human beings as every basic life ideals. As they say, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy so if you want to make people more productive, give them entertainment breaks, it helps the mind relax. You should therefore not take any chances when it comes to doing your cable selection for this equally important endeavor. I should therefore imagine that when you are planning to shop on cables, get a wide and detailed information a forehand.

There is a way in which lack of information can cost you dearly, thanks to Internet platforms which we leverage so as to enlighten our customers, therefore read through this post and learn before you pay hugely for ignorance.

Type SC stage lighting cable is designed for transmission of power rated 600volts which implies that you are suppose not to use this cable for heavyloaded systems. It however occurs fortunately that most entertainment systems don't run heavy loads. The cable’s conductor is made of the copper conductor which has great conductivity and flexibility, two attributes which are very important for any lighting cable. How beneficial is it to use a flexible cableespecially in the entertainment arenas where there is a lot of mobility? A rigid cable is prone to breakages during use, besides, it ismore difficult to work with stringent cables than to work with soft and flexible codes.

Moreover, it is a tough cable because the severity of environment conditions out there could be unimaginable and the cable to use should be well designed to withstand these uncertainties. The SC Type stage light cable is designed to cope well with the harshest environment prevalence. Perhaps, you never know how adversely water and sunlight affects, but truth be told, they have serious effects on systems especially if you use a cable that cannot withstand. The stage light cables we are talking about is the mega resolve for all these problems. The Type SC Stage lighting cable and Type PPC VU-TRON CSA cables are also designed to rebuff oil, solvents, Ozone, Aging and Abrasions which could consequently make your system safer and last longer.

Construction of Type SC Entertainment Cable
The Conductor.
Nassau Electrical Type SC Stage light cable is a cable constructed from a fully annealed copper conductor. The copper conductor is irrefutably the most used conductor because of its superb conduction property hence the Type SC cable is an excellent electrical conductor. Something to never ignore in this cable design is its stranding feature. Why? A stranded cable tends to have more benefits than a solid cable. A stranded cable is more flexible hence easier to install. Besides, they are also good in conduction because stranding increases more surface area for conductivity.

The Insulation
Much of a cable’s safety measures are with the design for its insulation since how it is designed would expose the person handling it to some security measures. So to say, a well-designed cable must have a sturdy insulation system. There are many cables with poor insulations, they end up predisposing the users to electrocution and also lead to frequent damages on the electoral systems. Would you want to bump into any cable out there then end up putting both our life and cash at risk? Don’t, take precautions.

Many materials are used to make good insulations and the Type SC stage lighting cable’s insulation is designed with polyester or paper tape which acts in separating the conductor from the overall jacket. This insulation could also be made from a black thermoset material. The material is single layer to reduce the bulkiness of the overall cable. Nonetheless, thermoset material is strong enough to help overcome the harsh prevalence conditions.

Construction of Type PPC VU-TRON Entertainment Cable
This is another exceptional stage lighting cable with outstanding features. Thanks to Nassau, a cable shop which tries to widen their product scope so that your choices are not in any way limited. Look at the features for this cable and make your own informed opinion after evaluation.

The conductor type for both type SC and Type PPC stage lighting cables is actually the same. Type PPC cable uses fully annealed stranded bare copper conductorwhose sizes range from 8 through to 4/0 American Wire Gauge (AWG).

This cable has a super jacket. The jacket has a distinguished brand for its outright security it offers to the cable conductor. Super Vu-Tron jacket is black in color and can serve well in a temperature range from -50 to 105 degrees Celsius. This is an explicit indicator of how the material is qualified for applications in extreme conditions. The versatility makes it very viable for use in essentially any part of the world.

Jacket Marking
The core purpose of a cable jacketing is to help with classification and identification. So it’s one thing you surely want to check on to ensure that you’ve got the right product. On this cable’s surface, you’ll find some markings which can serve as a stamp of prove for authenticity. Any good stage lighting cable must have these markings, especially those with quality touch as for the Nassau products. The jacket marking is: CAROL (SIZE) (UL) 600 VOLT TYPE SC (-500 to +1050C) OIL RES 60°C MAX. AMPS NEC TABLE 400-5 (B) FOR 90°C OUTDOOR --- CSA TYPE PPC 105°C 600 VOLT FT5 ROHS MADE IN USA.

Features of the Stage Light Cable and their Benefits
Every goal of a cable designer is to make his/her product distinctive in a way that people identify with it due to its positive attributes. According to various standardization institutions, these two cables are top notch quality by the mere fact that they pass all the quality and safety tests. When you buy Cable and Wire Products, it is important that you go for products that are safe and good quality because it enhance the safety of handler and the safety of your circuitry, the need for these cannot be exaggerated. The cables have an ability to resist sunlight effects which qualify them for use in sunny areas. Besides, the products are well designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, a quality that is very admirable especially if you endeavor to do film works.

These stage lighting cables meet in an exceeding way the flame test requirements of MSHA, CSA and even the UL test requirements. These products therefore share a rare pride of being amongst the most qualified. Its sturdy feature helps it withstand any effects as a result of exposure to oil, acids, alkalis, heat, moistures and other chemicals

To this far, we have delved into various imperative features for these two types of stage lighting cables. It should be of mega necessity to outline for you the applications for these cables as below:

1.Used for portable power systems due to its light weight and extra flexibility.

2.Entertainment industry run its activities such as theatrical works, Tv, night clubs, motion pictures, mobile communication vans, spotlights and sound systems.

3.Plus many other similar applications whose power requirement is temporal.

Product Approvals
To enjoy the privilege of being approved by certification institutions is a delightful thing and as a customer you are supposed to ensure you put your cash on purchases that worth it. Nassau Electrical Supplies is an exceptional cable seller whose products are from worldwide renowned designers and manufacturers. These industrial approvals which authenticate these cables include:

  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • RoHS Compliant

Your Lighting Cable Choice Determines the Success of your lighting project
Everything that deals with your life is entirely reclined on your own generated choices and your will to implement it. So to say, for your performance arts you have to make a choice that will guarantee a future full of success. I did mention earlier that some cables will bog down your business, they will help technical problems to sneak into your systems. You can seal all the possibilities of problem sneaking by purchasing these two quality cables whose benefits are limitless.

Making success in every endeavor involves painstaking processes which should be taken not with any slighting. Your cable choice defines where your business will put you in future. Some cables can make you abject by sucking your capital through frequent unnecessary maintenances while others may lift your business. Be very keen on your sellers, once you have a trustworthy cable shop like Nassau Electrical, you need not worry about the quality features. Ethically, Nassau is not even anywhere close to selling substandard products, it can never happen since there is a comprehensive scrutiny on their products.

We highly value you and very appreciative for taking your time to go through this post. It is very normal to have questions, our team is ready to give you a forthwith feedback. Share widely if you found the post helpful

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