Frequently Asked Questions- Prysmian and Draka Cable GILA-Duct Galvanized InterLocking Armor Cable

How do I know or Identify GILA-Duct Galvanized InterLocking Armor Cable?
First, look at its appearance. The duct is black in color although it may be available in other colors. It is made of high density polyethylene popularly known as HDPE. Looking at its thickness, it is a bit thicker than the typical insulation and jacketing components you find in other cables. When you observe it, you find that is has galvanized steep tape that acts as armor. It also has a jacket made of the same HDPE material.

Why do I need to use GILA-Duct?
If you are installing cable in environments that are exposed to physical forces and threat of intrusion, you may want to use GILA duct system. It will provide protection of cable against damage caused by high traffic and physical forces. 

What are the ratings and specifications of GILA duct?
This cable duct system meets the ASTM D3485 standards for coilable polyethylene with smooth wall to reduce friction when pulling the cable. The HDPE material used in the duct meets the requirement of ASTM D3350 specifically Class C, Grade PE33. It is like the polyethylene plastic pipes or fitting materials as described in Class C, Grade PE33. 

How is GILA-Duct engineered to ensure high performance and ease of application?
GILA duct allows easy of installation whether for direct burial or aerial applications. You could use it in open trenches, plowing, and directional boring. It is quite flexible meaning that you can easily maneuver field bends when doing the installation without having to use special transitions and fittings. The thick steel armor of 25 mils in thickness provides superior mechanical protection when dealing with critical circuits such as installation of approach lights in airports.

The low coefficient of friction as well as the smooth wall ensure that there are no troubles when pulling the cables. There may be no need for PVC spacers or even special bedding materials when you use GILA ducts. The flexibility of the ducts allows them to be placed in trenches, which have different radius bends. It is cost effective, labor saving, and easy to install. 

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