Triplex and Quadruplex Aluminum Cable Type URD are underground distribution cables that are designed for use in irrigation systems.  Primarily used in agricultural applications, these cables are most often employed to power linear and center pivot irrigation systems.  Triplex and Quadruplex Aluminum Cable Type URD is the most reliable cable for this task because of its multi-conductor design.  The Triplex version of the cable features three total conductors; two phase conductors and one neutral ground conductor.  The Quadruplex offers a four-conductor construction with three phase conductors and a neutral ground conductor.  These multi-conductor cables are preferred in underground distribution applications because the cable is capable of connecting multiple circuits, which means fewer cables need to be laid underground. 

The conductive components of the Triplex and Quadruplex Aluminum Cable Type URD are concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 aluminum conductors.  1350-H19 aluminum is an alloy made with 99.9% aluminum with other metals such as copper, silicone, and iron incorporated to improve the conductors’ tensile strength and conductivity.  The conductors are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene; a thermoset resin that protects the cable from abrasion and corrosion from moisture and chemicals.  With the combination of aluminum alloy conductors and crosslinked polyethylene insulation, the Triplex and Quadruplex Aluminum Cable Type URD is perfect for irrigation applications.  It possesses the moisture and chemical resistance needed to perform in harsh conditions and its multi-conductor design allows for maximum efficiency.  

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