What are Terminators and what are connectors?
In a typical circuit system, a connector is a device installed at the end of a power transmission line so that power can efficiently be transferred from one cable to another cable. Terminators and connectors just as their names suggest are vital devices used with wire and cables products to complete or break a circuit as appropriate. Both connectors and terminators are available in multiple grades for used with various installation projects depending on the unique needs of every project. In this terminators and connectors review I share with you the unique details of Terminators and Connectors currently available at Nassau Electrical, how they can be installed to make the best use of them, what cables they are used with and what projects they are most appropriate for.

Why are terminators important?
Terminator or connectors help wire power from one cable material to another smoothly. They prevent reflection of power at the ends of transmission cables and these reflections are not good because they cause distortions and fluctuations in signals which could adversely affect signal systems and appliances. Essentially, they minimize power or signal losses.

There are many types of these devices readily available at Nassau Electrical. Here are detailed reviews of our Terminators and connectors.

Type 416 MC connectors were developed specially for use with TYPE MC CABLE (which are also readily available at Nassau Electricals). Their design is sturdy and water tight so the power supply system will not be exposed to interferences by water or rainfall whenever they used to complete a circuit. So essentially, if you would like to use a TYPE MC CABLE for your project, in a hazardous environment and you want to ensure that the circuit connects when everything is safe and breaks when danger arises; this is the connector to use.

416 MC series ensure a highly efficient and affordable circuit completers made of hardy corrugated metal-clad material as the case with the type MC Cables.
They can be used with either continuous installations or interlocking construction wiring circuitry. All the 416 MC series available at Nassau Electrical are high grade standards approved by UL for application in harsh outdoor environments.

Other outstanding features of the cables are:

  • It can be used with a wide range of TYPE MC Cable
  • It has a continuity clip for efficient grounding
  • Nickel-plated brass contruction to ensure a long life of quality service.
  • Has an easy to understand quick three step installation
  • Sturdy construction is basically indestructible regardless of the environment

Like the former series, type 416MC connectors, the 424CU series connectors are also for use with type MC Cables. However, this series is explosion proof. Which means that in case of a power surge in the circuit, they will not blow up as the case with many lower grade connectors out there. They come in different grades or classes. Different classes of this series is relevant to different TYPE MC Cables. The most common class in the market is; Class I division 2.


The 424 Series explosion proof connector is approved by the following standards bodies. 

  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • Listed for use in Hazardous locations
  • Class I - Division 2 - Groups A & B*
  • Class I - Division 2 - Groups C & D
  • Class II - Division 2 - Groups E, F & G
  • Class III
  • 1/2 and 3/4 inch hub sizes
  • Canadian Standards Association Approved for use in hazardous locations
  • Class I - Divisions 1 & 2 - Groups A, B, C & D
  • Class II - Divisions 1 & 2 - Groups E, F & G
  • Class III
  • Meet the requirements for American Bureau of Shipping.

Other outstanding features of 424 Series explosion Proof connectors are:

1.Made of nickel-plated brass conductor and aluminum exterior, both of which are corrosion resistant.
2.It has an efficient built-in sealing chamber to ensure it perfectly fits in place in the circuit, the sealer can extrudes so it can be manipulated for the exterior of the cable.
3.The interior has no air voids so the seal completely holds on to the conductors.
4.Has a built-in free running hub which allows for disconnecting and automatic reconnecting of the circuit without tampering with the seal.
5.Compatible with up to 8 sizes of cable which is a pretty wide range for a single connector.


The 416 RA seriesof connectors is another water-tight series which can persevere a bruising watery environment for years without corresponding reduction in its capacity to deliver. As the name suggests, it is specially crafted for use with TYPE RA CABLES which are readily available at Nassau Electrical.

Its features are as follows: 

  • The connector is made of nickel-plated brass which defies corrosion.
  • Can be used with a very wide range of cables per connector, this gives you one connector for many circuits.
  • For effective grounding, the connector has a continuity clip
  • Easy to use; installation follows three simple steps
  • Has a dust and water proof barrier so can give uttermost performance in a dusty or a wet environment.
  • It is approved by UL for use in most severe application environments.

424 MA series are connectors for use with TYPE MC-HL Cables. They are very sturdy and explosion proof and comes in class I and Division 1. Like the ones above, it is nickel plated which means it is tough and corrosion resistant. Most notable attributes include:

  • Has a built-in seal chamber for tight connections.
  • The compound tightly encapsulates the conductor expelling all air voids
  • A free running hub in the interior ensure that the circuit can break and reconnect without compromising the seal.
  • Has a superior 360 degree armor around it for safety.

Approvals and Acceptance

  • Meets American Bureau of Shipping certifications
  • Approved bu UL 2225 standards for Class I Division 1
  • Listed for use in Hazardous locations
  • Class I - Division 2 - Groups A & B*
  • Class I - Division 2 - Groups C & D
  • Class II - Division 2 - Groups E, F & G
  • Class III
  • 1/2 and 3/4 inch hub sizes
  • Canadian Standards Association Approved for use in hazardous locations

424UN Series connectors are made for circuits with non-armored cables. Though not the safest, it is a reality that there are many instances where non-armored cable installations are used. These are instances where this special explosion proof connector or terminator is applicable.

The most outstanding features of 424UN Series Explosion Proof Connector are:

  • Has a built-in sealing chamber to ensure firm grounding
  • Made of nickel exterior hence corrosion resistant.
  • The interior is nickel plated brass
  • Has a ground connection armor all round it
  • Can accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.

Approvals and certifications

  • Certified by UL
  • Approved for use in hazardous environments
  • Can be used with groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G of Class I Division 2.

Type MCA Series connectors are for use with Teck Cables which can be bought at Nassau Electrical. They are water-tight and very sturdy so they can be put to task in punishing dry and wet climates and their performance will not be affected. However, they are not explosion proof.

Features of MCA Series Connectors

  • Made of lean aluminum components which are durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • 12 Sizes of this connector can handle a wide range of wires/cables sizes
  • It does not need to be disassembled during installation
  • Has a ground connector armor all round it
  • Rain tight
  • You can order for either an optional nickel-plated brass or lean steel versions.

Approvals and Certifications

  • MCA Series connectors approved for use with groups E, F and G of CEC Class II, division 1
  • Approved by CEC Ex’e’zone
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • CSA Standard C22-2 No. 18, 174

MCRA series connectors are rain-tight cable connectors which ensure effective connection and termination of metal-clad cables; usually corrugated. They can be applied in either continuous or interlocking installations. The MCRA Series are rain tight which means they can be used in wet environments without worries of the storm water interfering with power supply. They are cost effective and approved by renowned standards organizations like CSA and Underwriters Laboratory.

Features or MCRA Series Rain Tight Connectors/terminators 

  • Made of lean aluminum exterior which is not susceptible to corrosion
  • Can accommodate a wide range of cable sizes per connector.
  • Has a unique spring to ensure reliable grounding, this is not common among other connectors
  • Dust and waterproof so it can work well in dry and wet climates
  • Has an O-ring to prevent entry of moisture into the connector structure


  • Approved by CSA
  • Approved by UL

MCXA Series connectors are for use with TYPE MC-HL cables and TYPE TECK Cables. These connectors are made of tuff explosion proof material so it stays put in case a power surge causes an explosion in the system. It is available at Nassau Electrical at affordable cost and can be used with Class I, Division 1.

Other features of MCXA Series Connector include

  • Has a seal with tightly encapsulates the core wire leaving no room for air voids
  • Has a built-in sealing mechanism with a protruding control
  • An O-ring to shut out moisture from the interior
  • A free-running hub allows for braking and reconnecting of the circuit without tampering with the seal
  • Has a grounding wire


  • Approved to UL Standard 2225 Class I Division 1.
  • Approved to CSA Standard C22.2 No 18, 174.
  • Compact, slim profile.
  • Listed for use in Hazardous locations
  • Approved for use with Class I, Division 1

Why Terminators and connectors are good for you?
In power transmission Wires and cables, the need for connectors and terminators cannot be exaggerated. Power lines need impedance of matching cables to ensure smooth floor of power in the system and to minimize interferences due to reflections of electromagnetic signals associated with power transmission. The common feature with most of the conventional lines is that they have uniform cross-sections and similar electrical conductivity characteristics and should remain as such for optimum delivery.

This is where connectors come in handy. These devices ensure uniformity at points where power leaves one cable and enters another. In most occasions, the terminator is often a resistor with resistivity value carefully chosen to match the characteristics of the two end to end cables. Don’t take chances, get in touch with Nassau Electrical to order for yours today.

Buying Terminators and Connectors
There are very many companies out there in the market selling these products. Some are approved and genuine products while a few could turn out to be a sham. It all depends on your supplier. Some suppliers are out to make money while a few are out to give customers quality service for the worth of their money. At Nassau Electrical we care about you and we’d be glad to be your wire and cable products supplier. Don’t look any further.

I hope thatyou found this detailed review of different types of terminators and connectors helpful. If you have any questions or would like quote for connectors and terminators we’d be glad to help you out. Feel free to get in touch with us via the live chat on our website or call us via the phone number on our website today.

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