• Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 600V

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    This is a stranded or solid nickel-coated copper wire used in environments requiring excellent thermal stability. A nickel coat on the wire ensures that it does not suffer corrosion when exposed to moisture. The coating also provides good electrical conductivity and enhances the performance of the wire even in extreme temperatures. The wire is used as appliance, lighting, as well as industrial heating lead cable. This wire is not designed for outdoor use.

    • Applications of up to 250 degrees Celsius and in operations of up to 600 volts
    • For use in lighting, heating, and appliance wiring
    • This wire can be used in a variety of applications including heating, lighting, and appliances. It is used to wire floodlights, infrared ovens, gas and oil fired furnaces, kilns, band and strip heaters. These are typically applications exhibiting high temperatures and need a cable that has excellent thermal stability as well as conductivity.

    • PTFE Tape with glass serve
    • An insulation material consisting of a PTFE tape with glass braid is used to protect the wire. A PTFE tape is made for cable applications that demand high performance. The tape is wrapped around the wire and fused together to form a solid, uniform wall. PTFE tape is an excellent insulator and works well in a wide range of temperatures. It has low dissipation, and low smoke generation when exposed to extreme heat. This insulation tape is also flame resistance. It also excellently resists moisture and chemicals. Normally, PTFE tape insulator is heat sintered to ensure improved abrasion resistance and offer uniformity. Where the PTFE tape is unsintered, it is often used to help reduce loss data cables of high-speed data transmission.

    Jacketing/Outer covering
    • Braided aramid fiber with a moisture, heat and flame resistant finish
    • A jacketing material made of braided aramid fiber is used to protect the cable. Aramid fiber has good strength and is non-conductive. It is also resistant to abrasion and has no melting point. This jacketing material has low flammability making it protect the cable in extreme high temperature environments. The braided aramid fiber has a flame, heat, and moisture resistant finish for enhanced protection of the able against these elements.

    • The braided aramid fiber provides superior cut-through and abrasion resistance
    • Aramid fibers are aromatic polyaramids produced by DuPont. Two versions are known as Kevlar® and Nomex®. These materials have excellent environmental and thermal stability, fatigue resistance, • impact resistance, and moisture resistant
    • Not recommended for outdoor use

    wgt -
     1000 ft
    wgt -
    per km
    ul csa radix wire
    part number
    18 19 0.129 3.28 13.26 19.73 n/a n/a ajt18p019
    16 26 0.141 3.89 17.42 25.93 n/a n/a ajt16p026
    14 41 0.156 3.96 23.59 35.11 n/a n/a ajt14p041
    12 65 0.174 4.42 33.17 49.37 n/a n/a ajt12p065
    10 105 0.199 5.05 47.84 71.20 n/a n/a ajt10p105
    8 133 0.247 6.27 74.26 110.52 n/a n/a ajt08p133
    6 133 0.338 8.59 125.00 186.03 n/a n/a ajt06p133
    4 133 0.387 9.83 179.27 266.80 n/a n/a ajt04p133
    2 133 0.452 11.48 267.54 398.16 n/a n/a ajt02p133

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    Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 600V

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