• Prysmian and Draka Cable Pipeline Sensing Temperature and Strain Armored Cable

    Prysmian and Draka Cable Pipeline Sensing Temperature and Strain Armored Cable

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    Overview: Prysmian’s pipeline sensing cable is buried alongside pipelines to provide both leak detection through temperature sensing and detect ground movement through strain sensing. Optical fibers can also be used for telecommunications and data applications. 2.5mm simplex tight buffered fiber units are used for strain sensing and loose tube units are available for temperature sensing or data/communications. Gel-free tubes are recommended for natural gas pipelines.

    Product Snapshot:

    Applications: Direct buried pipeline leak and/or ground movement strain detection

    Constructions: Single armor/single jacket

    Count: 2 to 3 strain sensing fibers, up to 48 leak detection for data/tecommunications fibers

    Fiber Types: ITUG652.D single-mode fiber

    Options: Gel filed or dry buffer tubes and simplex units

    Similar Alternatives: Express LT single armor/single jacket for leak detection only

    Performance: Loose tube units per GR20 & ICEA 640, simplex units per GR-409 & ICEA 596

    Features and Benefits:

    Pipeline Sensing Cable:
    • Temperature sensing provides fast leak detection in pipelines
    • Strain sensing can be used to detect ground/pipe line movement
    • Fibers can also be used for data or telecommunications

    Flexbile Polypropylene Buffer Tube:
    • Buffer tubes contain temperature sensing and data/telecommunications fibers
    • Available with gel or dry buffer tubes
    • Gel tubes have a faster leak detection response time
    • Zero fiber strain up to the residual load provides optimum SBS sensing
    • Inceased flexibility and superior kink resistance
    • Facilitates easy route management in closures, eliminates needs for closure transportation tubes

    Simplex Units for Strain Sensing: Allows monitoring of ground or pipeline movement

    Dry Water Blocking Technology:
    • Dry buffer tubes recommended for natural gas pipeline leak detection
    • Drycore design permits rapid cable preparation and termination
    • Dry water blocking materials are easily removed

    ezPrep Corrugated Armor:
    • Provides additional mechanical protection needed for buried environments
    • Special coating reduces time and effort to remove jacket

    fiber count outer diameter weight
    ≤ 48 loose tube fibers plus 2 strain sensing fibers
    ≤ 36 loose tube fibers plus 3 strain sensing fibers
    0.43 inches (10.9 mm) 50 lb/kft (75 kg/km)

    Main mechanical and environmental properties

    Cable is tested per Telcordia GR-20 and ICEA 640 per the below tables. Loose tube units are tested to the acceptance criterial for GR-20 and simplex units are tested to the GR-409 acceptance criteria.

    test standard specified value acceptance criteria
    temperature cycling
    loose tube units telcordia gr-20 -40°c to +70°c gr-20: r6-69
    simplex units telcordia gr409 -40°c to +70°c gr-409: r6-78
    mechanical tests
    loose tube units telcordia gr-20 cable tested to gr20 test
    simplex units telcordia gr409 gr-409
    water penetration
    telcordia gr-20 sample=1m, water =1m, 24h gr-20 : r6-75

    Temperature Range
    shipping and storage: installation: operation:
    -40° f to +167° f -14° f to +140° f -40° f to +158° f
    (-40° c to +75° c) (-10° c to +60° c) (-40° c to +70° c)

    Mechanical Specifications
    minimum bending load: installation tensile load: long term tensile load:
    under tension no tension 600 lbf (2700 n) 180 lbf (800 n)
    20 x cable diameter 10 x cable diameter

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