• LSZH Digital Audio 24 AWG Multi Pair Cable

    LSZH Digital Audio 24 AWG Multi Pair Cable

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    The Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) version of the DS4 series of AES/EBU digital audio multi-pair features an extended 25 MHz bandwidth, ultra-low attenuation, mechanical stability, a precision 110 S impedance and is EU-compliant LSZH. With the lowest available attenuation and precision impedance specifications, the DS4 series allows for longer runs of AES3 format digital audio over twisted-pair cable. The extended 25 MHz bandwidth is compliant with the 2003 revision of the AES3 standard for transmission of digital audio at sampling rates up to 192 kHz. Color -coded and alphanumerically printed pairs facilitate easy channel identification and minimize crosstalk. 

    Features & Benefits: 
    • Flame-Resistant 
    • Low-Smoke Release & Reduced Toxicity 
    • Precision 110 S Impedance 
    • 25 MHz Bandwidth for 192 kHz Sampling Rates 
    • Flexible 
    • Gas-Injected Foam Dielectric 
    • Stabilizing Polyethylene Rod 
    • Individually Shielded & Jacketed Pairs 
    • Color-Coded & Alphanumeric Pair Identification 
    • LSZH Jacket 

    • AES3 Digital Audio 
    • Extended Bandwidth Analog Audio 
    • Studio Interconnect, Permanent Installation or Portable Snakes 
    • Ideal for Extended-Distance Runs 
    • Shipboard 

    Meets IEC Standards
    • 60332-3-24 CATC Flame Propagation 
    • 61034-1, -2 Smoke Density 
    • 60754-2 Degree of Acidity

    Mechanical Specifications (Series)
    conductors dielectric/color code pair
    pair drain pair jacket (type, od)/color code master jacket flame
    24 awg (7x32)
    stranded tc
    foam pe, 0.021”(0.533mm)
    wall/white & black
    22 awg (7x30)
    stranded tc
    frnc/lszh , 0.180” (4.57 mm)/
    base 10(see color code chart 1,
    page 142)
    black or green
    Mechanical Specifications (Individual)
    # of
    nominal od bend radius approx.
    general cable 
    gepco brand 
    part number
    4 0.620”
    (15.75 mm)
    (157.5 mm)
    159 lbs/mft
    (237 kg/km)
    8 0.815”
    (20.70 mm)
    (207.0 mm)
    291 lbs/mft
    (428 kg/km)
    12 0.995”
    (25.27 mm)
    (252.7 mm)
    403 lbs/mft
    (592 kg/km)

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