• Prysmian Cable 600 Volt SUPERTUF Ruggedized Low Voltage Utility Cables

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    The amount of power transmitted matters a lot when it comes to the choice of the cable to be used. Low voltage requires certain types of cable which will not cause power or high resistance to current. Since low voltage is used in the commercial set ups, domestic appliances and even in the industrial applications, an outstanding reliability is vital. Therefore the low utility voltage cables must be competent enough to beat all odds. These cables must be resilient and also efficient in power transmission.

    Ruggedizing a cable involves reinforcing the conventional cable with a strong dielectric material around the core. This boosts the robustness of the power cables and helps it withstand the rigorous activities during installation. Ruggedized cables have an outer jacket which make them fungus and UV resistant.

    Phase Insulation
    The phase insulation of these cables has two primary layers of insulation: A clear inner layer which is made from low-density polyethylene and an outer layer which is made from a high density polyethylene. The outer layer has adaptabilities in order to be competent for the outside environment. Therefore it is made black, sunlight resistant and has high density.

    Neutral Insulation
    Neutral line acts as the return path for voltage transmission, it also has to be insulated in order to prevent unnecessary but dangerous current leakages. Therefore for low voltage transmission, the neutral path is insulated and has extruded yellow strips which help to identify. This distinction on the neutral cable helps to avoid confusions.
    For multiple assembling of cables, the phases are twisted together with one neutral.

    Installation of these low utility voltage cables can be done by direct burial, where the cables are laid directly underground without any other material covering. This type of installation is recommended for indoor installation since in outdoor it is prone to thefts. Besides the direct burial, there is also the underground duct method where a duct is created and the voltage cables are relayed through it. This ducts tend to provide more safety to the cables.

    It is prudent to consider some few factors when doing installation, like:
    Whether that area is wet or dry, this helps to make necessary preparedness against hazards which come as a result of power leakages

    Utility secondary.
    For the underground connections, it is good to have the knowledge of the point at which to locate the service entrance before installation is carried out. For instance, the consumption rate for industrial activities cannot be compared to household consumption rate, with this knowledge one has to choose the suitable diameter of the cable to be used.

    The ruggedized low utility voltage cable can be used in various applications as follows:
    • Industrial works
    • Mines
    • Domestic connections
    • Urban installations

    The ruggedized low utility voltage cable is often made from aluminum conductors and a dual layer polyethylene which is crossed-linked for better insulation.
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    radius (in)
    † ampacity
    prysmian cable
    part number
    (a) (b) 90°c
    in duct
    direct buried
    600 Volt Aluminum Single Conductor
    8 awg al cornell 60 0.143 0.27 33 2 45 70 Q0I310A
    6 awg al princeton 60 0.180 0.31 44 2 55 90 Q0J310A
    4 awg al mercer 60 0.226 0.35 64 2 75 120 Q0K310A
    2 awg al clemson 60 0.284 0.41 93 2 100 155 Q0M301A
    1 awg al kenyon 80 0.313 0.48 121 2 115 175 Q0O310A
    1/0 awg al harvard 80 0.352 0.52 147 3 135 200 S Q0Q310A
    2/0 awg al yale 80 0.395 0.56 178 3 155 225 Q0R310A
    3/0 awg al tufts 80 0.443 0.61 216 3 180 260 Q0S310A
    4/0 awg al beloit 80 0.498 0.67 264 3 210 295 S Q0T310A
    250 MCM al hofstra 80 0.561 0.73 305 3 230 320 Q0U31RA
    250 MCM al hofstra 95 0.561 0.76 320 4 230 320 Q0U310A
    350 MCM al rutgers 80 0.664 0.83 412 4 285 385 S Q0V31RA
    350 MCM al rutgers 95 0.664 0.87 429 4 285 385 Q0V310A
    500 MCM al emory 80 0.794 0.96 570 4 350 46 S Q0W31RA
    500 MCM al emory 95 0.794 1.00 589 4 350 465 Q0W310A
    750 MCM al sewanee 110 0.974 1.21 870 7 455 580 Q0X310A
    1000 MCM al fordham 110 1.124 1.36 1131 7 540 670 Q0Y310A

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    Prysmian Cable 600 Volt SUPERTUF Ruggedized Low Voltage Utility Cables

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