We want Nassau National Cable investors to be up to date with the happenings, development, growth, and important information about the company. We understand that investor decisions are based on many aspects including the company’s financial performance. That’s why the management at Nassau National Cable makes available the information that investors can count on. This includes financial information, speeches, annual reports, and executive financial presentations.

We feature information of sales reports to show how the company has been performing in the past. This information helps investors know the path we are taking as a company and the best strategies that can be applied.

At Nassau National Cable, we know that figures mean a lot to the success of the business. To create investor confidence, we have to employ the right tools and strategies to increase the returns. We achieve this by providing an analytical approach to the performance of the business. We look at which areas are performing well and the ones that are dragging. Based on the data we create, we use it to make decisions to improve the processes, customer service, and product manufacturing.

We also give information to investors about our commitment in improving the productivity of the workforce. Our company also places emphasis on helping the community where our business is located. This is part of our corporate social responsibility, which helps instill confidence with our customers and the investors.

Investors at Nassau National Cable also get information regarding conferences, workshops, trainings, and other resources that our employees go through as part of the re-engineering process.

A shareholder meeting is held in predetermined time periods to address issues regarding the investment portfolio and how better to improve the performance of the company.

We are a wholly family owned and operated company and we value honesty. We know that transparency and accountability are key components for any successful business. That’s why we uphold principles that nurture good corporate governance and sound financial management and reporting. This way, the investors at this company are proud and know that the company is heading to the right direction. As a leader in manufacture and selling of cables and wires, we know that we have to maintain high profile financial management practices in order to meet the expectations of the investors. We are constantly educating the financial management team to make sure that it is update with current financial management trends.

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