When you talk about transmission that is up to the recent technological advancements in production then you have to mention Times Microwave Systems . This is one of the world’s leader in a technology called coaxial transmission. It provides solutions of the widest range of transmission line for aerospace, military, industrial works and wireless communications. The company has a reliable technical team with wide expertise and capabilities for manufacturing products needed in the market. It does its main production activities in USA and China since it bases it production facilities in these well developed countries. It has the capabilities to handle those specialized applications which require extremely high performance and also drive high volume commercial applications with very high frequencies up to 50 Gigahertz.

Times Microwave Systems was established in 1948. By then it was known as a company for wires and cables a lone hence the name: Times Wire and Cable Company. It is considered as the pioneer of the dielectric which was made from polyethylene, had closed cell feature and exhibited low loss. It also initiated for the first time the manufacture of coaxial cables made from taped PTFE dielectric.  These initial establishment by the company that has led to manufacture of today’s robust and quality coaxial cables. Because of its manufacturing expertise and its use of microwave connector for design, the Times Microwave Systems has been able to control from end to end, the whole assembly of cables

Times has since then made a lot of developments on its product line to meet the client demands. It has developed a multi-port connector which uses microwave to meet the demand for wireless applications and also improve the interconnect density. The very recent of its development is the Silicon Oxide based products and a TF4 dielectric technology which is phase-optimized. The company has a trendy history for initiating the next in line transmission line products. It has fully remained a head because of its consistency in improving and enlarging its products range.

Products from Times
The company offers different line of products in the market.

i. Cables
For coaxial cable products, the company is one of the premier suppliers worldwide. The cables are of different applications, there are those for indoor, outdoor and also aerospace industrial applications. They provide a range of these products with suitable adaptations for use in various environments. And with over 50 years of experience in high quality manufacture of cables.

ii. Connectors
Times produces high quality connectors since they are innovated designed and tested. For installation, you may need the replaceable frontend which are good connectors from Miltech. SFT connectors, LMR, multi-purpose connectors are among many other types of connectors from Times which are very reliable.

iii. Silver line Test Cables
These test cables are relatively cheap, they are reliable with great performance, they have long life and are made such that they can be used to do broader tests and interconnected systems. Its life span is long because it has a system which is strain proof, the connectors are stainless and the cable is made from a very solid PTFE dielectric material.

iv. Lightening and over Voltage Protection
The Times company has a lot of tools used to protect a system from lightning or over voltage. There are brochures and guides given on these concepts. Besides that, it has come up with an innovative technique called the surge protection. This unique mechanism is installed in various Times devices and can handle various application.

Times Microwave System is always supportive to the customers either directly or via their distributor networks. They provide standard products and services. For the technical need by their clients, they use the applications Engineers based on the particular region when the client comes from. The company is dedicated and is able to develop. It is making all efforts to give the best interconnect solutions in regard with technology.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Times microwave systems is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers. 

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