When we talk about a preassembled aerial cable, what we mean is, a cable configuration which is composed of three shielded conductors, then branded together and a messenger conductor. The conductors used can either be aluminum or copper which is then insulated with a semiconductor layer and a resistant EPR system for discharge. This cable is available at Nassau Electricals and we’d be glad to supply you with it.

Preassembled Aerial XHHW-2 copper cable is made up of three conductors for two phase configuration and four conductors for three phase transmission systems. The conductors are made from bare and annealed copper. It has an insulation system which is resistant to moisture and heat effects. The insulation for type XHHW-2 is cross-linked polyethylene material.

The conductors forming this cable are twisted a left hand lay. They also have a laid parallel messenger which is 30 percent of Copperweld EHS. These conductors are then bound together with some flat binding strap made from bare copper.

XHHW-2 cables have High heat and moisture resistance insulation system. It is rich with features that qualify it to serve sufficiently in most applications. The insulation shield for the cable is a fee strip design product. The metallic shield is made up of copper tape with can be used together with or without copper concentric wires.

According the production at Southwire, any single conductor can have an overall jacket for its protection against the ills in the application sites. But the entire assembly is held together to a Copperweld messengerusing the copper or stainless steel strap with is only jacketed using the PVC or PE jackets.

This preassembled cable is primarily applied in conduit method, in Cable tray and the raceway methods which are recognized. The cables are applied in the service feeders and circuit branching following the specifications of the NEC. XHHW-2 cable can be used in both humid and dry locations. It performance when in temperatures not exceeding 90 degrees Celsius.

The aerial XHHW-2 cable is majorly applied for low and medium voltage transmission of not greater than 600 volts. It has been recommended to be good at healthcare facilities according the stipulation of National Electrical Code since the dielectric constant of less 3 is specified. This cable is made in such away that it has a smooth lubricate to facilitate the pulling, therefore there is no need for application of lubricate. This helps in cutting costs. Lubricates help to reduce friction which is a hindrance form to motion. With little friction less pulling force is applied and less damage is committed on the cables.

The production and manufacturing procedures for the preassembled aerial cable are in tandem with standards and codes of productions. The product has a certifications from NEC, RoHS/ REAC, Federal Specifications and many more

It is therefore safe to say that it is a world class product. The product comes in various sizes and Awg, strand number and even different thickness for application in various operations. You can make your right choice by considering this cable for use in your system. What I love most with it is that it comes when it is already preassembled which makes work easier at the installation site. I challenge you to try it.


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