Service Entrance involves the reduction of power from the primary transmission line to the transformers from which it is divided into appropriate power quantities for household consumption. The SEU cable Type SE is made up of compact stranded copper conductors of which each individual conductor is insulated using a polyethylene jacket. The conductors are bound together to form an assembly which is protected with a strong gray PVC. The polyvinyl chloride insulator is reliable for withstanding the sunlight effects, chemical corrosive agents like rain, other reactive agents and heat. The cable conductors are for low and medium voltage operation of up to 600 volts and in a temperature span of 90 degrees Celsius maximum.

The physical structure of the cable has four variable compositions

a) Conductors : SEU copper cable is made of two type of conductors, which are XHHW-2 or THHN THWN conductors. These conductors have varied insulation systems. The XHHW-2 and THHN conductors are compact stranded.

b) Stranding : Both the conductors used in the construction of this cable are compressed and stranded. Compressing cables help in reducing their diameter of thickness by around 10 percent, the reduction of thickness reduces cable bulkiness hence ease in shipping. Besides it also makes the cable pulling easier.

c) Insulation : The cable insulation system is a key thing in the operational structure and in the life span of a system. Cable which have poor insulation tend to damage very first. The SEU Type SE cable has an insulation system which is made from cross-linked polyethylene material. This is a sturdy and prominent protector against corrosive agents, moisture, chemicals and even against constant fluctuation of temperature.

d) Jacket : Conductors are bound to form an assembly, this assembly is encompassed using gray PVC armor, a protective case for the cable against any externally interfering elements.

The Copper Service Entrance cable can be used in various applications as outlined by the manufacturer. However, its main purpose is to tap power from the service drop to the households or any building where it is needed. When primary distribution line reaches a transformer, a service drop is created where the voltage from the transformer has to be lowered into the right utility voltage then divided to users. At this point the service entrance cable is used to carry the utility voltage into the meter base and from the meter base to the circuit panel in the homes.

The manufacture and the production of this product is in compliance with the set specifications by Underwrites Laboratory. The conductors used meet the standard 44 in the codes of this regulatory body. This is the standard which ensure that a conductor used for low and medium voltages can support up to 600 voltage transmission under a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

SEU cable conductors also comply with UL 83 Standard which enable the compliance with NEC. This standards are to guarantee the users and contractors safety when using and installing the cables. This product is also approved by the Federal Specification which stamps the product with right to be used in the industrial and commercial applications.

Copper Service Entrance cable SEU Type SE style U is available in various AWG sizes with different standing connotations amongst many other features which make the cable a flexible product for various needs. When doing the shopping be keen to get the quality product from accredited manufacturers. This cable is good and I urge you to try it out.


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