A proficient conductor has to defy all odds in order to make conduction efficient. Among the many odds that faces a conductor is the weather issue. Some extremely cold weather hinder a conduction where some extremely hot weather creates an environment for sparking fire. A good conductor defies these odds. As an electrician you should look at the specifications of the conductor you choose whether it’s an all-weather conductor or not. An All-Aluminum conductor which is a weather proof conductor will always serve you right.

AAC is widely used and suitable in transmission towers, wood poles spans amongst others since it has high tensile strength. Its applications spans from transmission of extra high voltage to low voltage transmission systems used in private premises or domestic appliances. All Aluminum conductor is one of the most affordable conductor. It is light weight and used as an overhead conductor due to these proficient features.                                                               

Corrosion is a deterring effect in the conductivity of most electric conductors, good conductor has to be resistant to corrosion. Aluminum wire is very resistant to corrosion even if it is bare and exposed to air. This due to its structure which is made in a homogeneous way. Its resistant to corrosion makes it suitable for use in the coastal regions where there is acidic rains and also in highly industrialized places. The conductor is easy to handle, can be easily turned to make various shapes during installation.

The all-weather AAC conductor is used in various applications. The conductor is used for overhead distribution of power. Since it is an all-weather conductor, it can withstand all the weather conditions prevailing without causing harm to the user or depleting its material structure.

Since the conductor has a high Current Carrying capacity, it is suitable for use in an applications which need much current per unit time. An electrician should learn what system he/she is installing and consider AAC conductor for systems which demand more current carrying capacity.

For low and medium voltage lines especially in urban centers, using the conductor will be of great help. In urban areas, the distribution spans are short but there is a higher demand for conductivity that is why AAC serves the best. The conductor is suitable for low and medium voltage transmission and distribution. Besides that, all-weather AAC conductor is resistant to corrosion. This resistance makes it suitable for outdoor installations.

The conductor has a concentric mark up with one or more strands of aluminum alloys. The conductor is used extensive for low and medium voltage transmission, though also for high voltage transmission. The cable has outstanding features which make electricians prefer above other conductors. However its weight to strength ratio is poor, which has limited its use in the most transmission lines and distribution in remote places which need long spans.

The conductor is available in various sizes and codes, with different cover thickness and weight, just to serve your need. This all-weather conductor makes the most reliable and dependable conduction system. Its resilience and proficiency calls for you to try it out. The test have proved that the cable is appropriate for all weather use.

Interruptions in transmissions due to changes in weather can spoil your day. If you want smooth transfer of data regardless of the weather, this is one of the cables I’d highly recommend. There are many other weatherproof cables out there but you need to settle on what would work best for your unique needs. Our friendly customer care will always be willing to help settle on products that will serve you best. Get in touch with us today. 

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