What Is XHHW Wire?
XHHW wire is a specific type of building wire with high water and temperature resistance. The product is RoHS compliant and can be used for a broad range of general purpose wiring. For applications requiring a flame retardant material, the XHHW is trusted due to its annealed conductors and insulation.

What Does XHHW Wire Mean?
The meaning of XHHW is “XLPE High Heat-resistant Water-resistant.” Although the meaning translates to high heat and water resistance, the wire is also resistant to abrasions, ozone, and chemicals. 

How Is XHHW Wire Constructed?
XHHW wire uses a specific insulation material, condition of use, and temperature rating for electrical wire and cable. The material is ideal for use in low temperature environments. You can find a variety of jacket colors, and can be found with both solid and stranded constructions. In larger gauges, stranded is the only option because of its flexibility. 

Where Can I Shop for XHHW Wire?
Whether you need aluminum or copper cables and wiring, you can find everything you need right here. We provide a stress-free shopping experience, and offer you the sizes and configurations for your application. You can receive an instant quote for the wiring you require, as we have become your one-stop shop for all cable and wiring needs.

View our selection of Aluminum XHHW wire by clicking here.

View our selection of Copper XHHW wire by clicking here.

How Is XHHW Wire Applied?
XHHW wire is often used in alternating current electrical distribution systems of many different types of buildings in North America. This is usually at voltage levels of 110-600 volts. Aluminum and copper conductors, sold as stranded or solid, use XHHW insulation. XHHW wire insulation is suitable for use in dry locations up to 90° C, and wet locations up to 75° C. Similar to XHHW, XHHW-2 insulation can be used in dry and wet locations up to 90° C.

What Are Specific Examples of XHHW Wire?
View some of our XHHW products by clicking any of the links below. Nassau Electrical carries a wide selection of XHHW wire to meet your specifications. We offer competitive prices and treat you with respect to establish lasting relationships. 

Aluminum XHHW:

1.6 Gauge XHHW-2 Aluminum
2.4 Gauge XHHW-2 Aluminum
3.2 Gauge XHHW-2 Aluminum
4.1 Gauge XHHW-2 Aluminum

Copper XHHW: 

1.12 Gauge XHHW Copper
2.10 Gauge XHHW Copper
3.8 Gauge XHHW Copper
4.6 Gauge XHHW Copper

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