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    The IMSA 50-2 LOOP LEAD-IN CABLE contains two, twisted-pair(concentric) annealed, shielded solid or stranded tinned copper (Cu) conductors with polyethylene insulation, aluminum foil/Mylar polyester shielding with a drain-wire loop, and an XPLE (polyethylene) jacket. It has a voltage rating of 600V and uses a tinned copper conductor.

    IMSA 50-2 conductors are surface printed and color-coded black and clear for easy identification. The lay length of this cable type meets all municipal and international traffic wiring and cabling standards.

    The IMSA 50-2 cables are primarily utilized as roadway loop detector lead-in cables for traffic signal systems, in communications circuits with low capacitances such as parking gates and sliding gates, and as underground and aerial operations conduits for various messenger applications. 50-2 is the most highly preferred direct underground burial cabling type by many municipal and international Transportation Departments

    This cable type has an operating temperature range between -55 to 70 degrees Celsius (Centigrade), and its XLPE insulation ensures adaptability to both wet and dry, hot and cold environments. Its lightweight jacketing allows for high-grade water resistance.

    Product Highlights:

    • 50-2 conductors range between 12-18 AWG and are at ASTM B-8 and B-33.
    • 7 and 19 stranding is available for optimal choice and versatility
    • The 50-2 loop lead-in cable works best and is highly recommended in long lead-in projects
    • 50-2 cables have strong resistance to temperature extremes

    Technical Standards:

    50-2               Polyethylene insulated, polyethylene jacketed, loop detector lead-in cable

    Size AWG Outer Jkt. Thick. (Inch) Outer Jkt.
     Thick. (mm)
    Nominal O.D. (Inch) Nominal I.D. (mm) Catalog Number
    18 .030 .762 .286 7.26 8740
    18 .030 .762 .322 8.19 8742A
    18 .030 .762 .465 11.81 8743A
    16 .030 .762 .292 7.42 8750
    14 .030 .762 .332 8.43 8780
    14 .030 .762 .400 10.16 8782A
    14 .030 .762 .566 14.38 8783A
    14 .030 .762 .584 14.83 8784A
    12 .030 .762 .356 9.04 8790

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