• Radix Wire MCS Furnace High Temperature Lead Wire 700C/600V to 1000C/300V

    Product Details

    A nickel coated multiple conductor made for use in high temperature environments. The nickel coating on the lead wire makes it perform well in high temperature applications where other coated wires cannot. Nickel has both low and high temperature strengths. It has high oxidation resistance and excellent corrosion resistant. Nickel plated copper wires can resist thermal shocks. They can withstand continuous high temperature exposure. They can temporarily resist very high temperatures that are higher than the copper substrate’s melting temperature.

    • For use in non-flexing applications
    • Wiring for ovens, kilns, and furnaces
    • Where the normal installation environment includes continuous operating temperatures up to 1000˚C and intermittent temperatures approaching 1200˚C
    • Not recommended for outdoor use
    • This single or multiple conductor is used to wire ovens, furnaces, kilns, band heaters, cartridge heaters, and commercial food service equipment. It is designed for extreme high temperature industrial heating equipment or machines and appliances.

    • High quality reinforced mica tape
    • A reinforced mica tape is used to insulate the wire. Mica has a maximum working temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius making it one of the highly thermally resistant material for insulating wires. Mica tape is a composite tape consisting of a glass scrim backing to allow for more mechanical strength. While mica tape is rated 450 degrees Celsius by UL, it can still resist temperatures higher than that. That’s why it is a preferred choice in applications where temperatures may reach 1000 degrees Celsius or more. Also, mica tape has great radiation and moisture resistance. It can also withstand harsh thermal as well as electrical overloads.

    • Ceramic fiber braid
    • A ceramic fiber braid with a coating of a high temperature finish is used to cover the wire. This offers more protection against heat and high temperatures.
    • Outer braid
    • Stainless steel
    • An optional outer braid made of stainless steel is used to strengthen and protect the wire. However, this stainless steel outer braid is not recommended for applications that exceed 700 degrees Celsius.

    • Superior high temperature and oxidation resistance in normal temperatures to 1000˚C
    • Fire resistant
    • Very low smoke emission when burned at rated temperature
    • Resistant to many chemicals
    • Maintains circuit integrity even when exposed to conditions of high ambient temperature and flame
    • Optional stainless steel braid provides mechanical protection
    • If wire is subjected to very rapid rise in temperature, the binder in the construction can ignite but will quickly extinguish. The resulting white ash is non-conductive.

    # strands outer dia.
    outer dia.
    wgt - lbs
    1000 ft
    wgt - kg
    per km
    radix wire
    part number
    without stainless steel shield
    18 16 0.156 3.96 14.52 21.61 btc18n016-0000-z3000
    16 26 0.169 4.29 18.95 28.20 btc16n026-0000-z3000
    14 41 0.182 4.62 24.97 37.16 btc14n041-0000-z3000
    12 65 0.203 5.16 34.35 51.11 btc12n065-0000-z3000
    10 105 0.230 5.84 50.15 74.62 btc10n105-0000-z3000
    8 168 0.289 7.34 78.11 116.23 btc08n168-0000-z3000
    stainless steel shield (not recommended for applications exceeing 700˚c)
    18 16 0.181 4.60 26.64 39.64 btc18n016-ar00-z3000
    16 26 0.194 4.93 31.57 46.98 btc16n026-ar00-z3000
    14 41 0.208 5.28 38.1 56.69 btc14n041-ar00-z3000
    12 65 0.228 5.79 49.49 73.64 btc12n065-ar00-z3000
    10 105 0.255 6.48 68.03 101.23 btc10n105-ar00-z3000
    8 168 0.314 7.98 99.25 147.68 btc08n168-ar00-z3000

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    Radix Wire MCS Furnace High Temperature Lead Wire 700C/600V to 1000C/300V

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