Type SJOOW 300V is often considered for medium duty applications where flexibility and durability are required. These cables are UL listed and are CSA certified. The SJOOW stands for:

1.S = Service or Hard Service Cord
2.J = Junior Service Cord rated at 300 Volts
3.OO = Oil Resistant Insulation and an Oil Resistant outside Jacket
4.W = Weather and Water Resistance

Unique Technical Features of SJOOW Portable Cable 300V Type SJOOW Portable Cable 300V yellow jacketed flexible cords are constructed using bare flexible stranded Class K copper conductors. Heat, moisture and oil resistant EPDM rubber is used for insulation. The insulated conductors are cabled with wax paper fillers. A tissue-paper separator is wrapped around the assembly to promote easy removal of the jacket. A heat, moisture and oil resistant flexible CPE jacket is extruded over the assembly to complete the construction.The cable has great resistance towards abrasion, ozone& sunlight exposure, chemicals, oil and water in harsh environments.SJOOW portable yellow seoprene cord 300 volts have a yellow coating for insulation that makes it highly visible in industrial settings.

Specific Applications of SJOOW Portable Cable 300V The SJOOW portable cable applications include wiring for industrial machinery, medium duty tools, motors, temporary electrical power and lighting installations for construction sites and outdoor applications. These cables are specially designed for applications that require extra hard usage cable with excellent mechanical properties. Typical applications for these types of portable cables include battery chargers, portable machinery, portable sound equipment, push button remote control systems, motor controls, stage equipment and lighting and industrial control.

Type SJOOW Portable Cord has better visibility that promotes safety in high risk industrial applications. The yellow jacket made out of Chlorinated Polyethylene or CPE has a wider temperature range and the yellow SJOOW portable cord can withstand up to 105°C. The typical black SJOOW portable cable can withstand a temperature range up to 90°C.

The SJOOW portable cables are rated for continuous use from -50°C up to 105°C under normal conditions. These cables are rated for continuous use up to 60°C under wet conditions and 90°C at dry conditions. These cables are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Another use for type SJOOW portable cords are seen in lighting, motor leads and portable power applications. These types of flexible cables can be used in applications specified by Article 400 of the National Electric Code and other related articles.

The yellow SJOOW portable cables have been specifically designed with excellent features such as high resistance towards oil and moisture, good tensile strength, elongation and aging. The temperature rating for these types of cables is set between -40°C to 105°C. Type SJOOW flexible cord is specifically designed for extra hard usage in industrial equipment, heavy tools, battery chargers, portable lights, welding leads, marine dockside power, power extensions and mining applications. They are also used for Class 1 Division 1 applications with appropriate connectors provided that the voltage rating is at 300 volts.


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