Uses and Applications of 2/4 SOOW Portable Cable 600V
Type SOOW portable cable is one of the popular cables used in home as well as industrial applications because of its flexibility and durability. The SOOW stands for:

1.S – Service cord that carries 600 volts
2.OO – Oil resistant insulation and Oil resistant jacketing
3.W – Weather and water resistance designated by CSA

Unique Technical Features of 2/4 SOOW Portable Cable 600V
The SOOW Portable Cable 600V is constructed with extra flexible stranding conductors. The insulation is provided by premium grade EPDM and has an oil resistant rubber jacket. The temperature rating of the cable has been set between -40°C to 90°C. The cables have excellent resistance towards acids, extreme temperatures, tears, abrasions and cuts. It is flame retardant and can withstand exposure to sunlight. It is comparatively easier to install because of its flexible property. Type SOOW flexible cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code.

Specific Applications of 2/4 SOOW Portable Cable 600V
Type 2/4 SOOW Portable Cable 600V is the largest type of SOOW cable available. The cables are available as 2/3 and 2/5 as well. The 2/4 SOOW Portable Cable Is specifically designed to be used outdoors in rugged environments. It has excellent resistance towards cold, wind, water, moisture and oils. They are used for portable electrical power as well as portable control cables. It is generally used at 80 amps and can also be used at 100 amps while not operating at full capacity. Another application for these types of cables is marinas. These flexible cables provide capacity for 85 amps or so depending upon the discretion of the marina owner.

Since the SOOW portable cables of AWG sizes 8 to 2 are not UL listed, most of the customers do not prefer them. However, these cables can be used in various applications. The 2/4 SOOW cable is quite heavy as there is a lot of copper content in it. These cables are generally used by farmers on their farms for temporary lighting and power in their fields. These cables will be cut into small pieces of any length between 50 and 200 feet.

SOOW Portable Cable is one of the popular cables that are conveniently used for everyday applications in houses, commercial spaces, excavations and underwater operations. Since the cable is specially designed with resistance properties to the effects of moisture, oil and chemicals, it is ideal for using in refineries, chemical plants and factories. The specific property of these cables makes them capable for applications in high level and heavy duty industry. It’s used in heavy duty tools, mining equipment, welding and motor leads, light and heavy machines, sound and light equipment for entertainment applications and for marine applications.

An SOOW portable cable is a flexible cord used to power operating motors in tools, machineries, cord reels and other temporary installations. It can be used in harsh environments for industrial manufacturing facilities, oil rigs, chemical plants, mining and construction sites, steel mills and various commercial applications.

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