What is SOOW Cable / Cord / Wire?
SOOW is a specific type of portable control cable, often referred to as SOOW wire, SOOW cable, or SOOW cord.

Where Can I Shop for SOOW Cord?
View our selection of SOOW cable by clicking here.

What Does SOOW Mean?
Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of SOOW and its associated properties. The “S” in SOOW stands for “Service” and means an SOOW cable will be 600 volts, unless the “S” is followed by a “J”. Oil resistant insulation and jacketing are determined by the “OO” in SOOW. Finally, the “W” in SOOW implies weather and water resistance. So, through the letters included in “SOOW”, it can be determined that this is a durable cord that is 600 volts with many resistances to outside forces of nature.

How Is SOOW Cable Applied?
Type SOOW Flexible Cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code. SOOW cable is used in various applications, from fire alarm and temperature controls, to motor leads and remote control circuits. Some other typical applications for SOOW cords include wiring for portable tools, portable appliances, equipment, small motors and associated machinery.

What Are The Different Types of SOOW Cable?
SOOW wire is available in different gauges, so determining which is necessary for your application is important. SOOW wire spans from 2 AWG SOOW wire to 18 AWG SOOW wire. In all cases, SOOW cable is rated -40°C to 90°C, and are MSHA listed and OSHA acceptable.

What Are Specific Examples of SOOW Cable?
View some of our SOOW products by clicking any of the links below. Nassau Electrical carries a wide selection of SOOW cable and SOOW wire to meet your specifications.

1.18/2 SOOW Cable
2.16/2 SOOW Cable
3.14/2 SOOW Cable
4.12/2 SOOW Cable
5.10/2 SOOW Cable
6.8/3 SOOW Cable
7.6/3 SOOW Cable
8.4/3 SOOW Cable
9.2/3 SOOW Cable

We also offer a variation of SOOW cable with yellow jacket. SOOW Yellow Jacket Flexible Cords are manufactured using bare flexible stranded Class K copper conductors, with a heat, moisture and oil resistant EPDM rubber insulation. The insulated conductors are cabled with wax paper fillers. A tissue-paper separator is wrapped around the assembly to promote easy removal of the jacket. A heat, moisture and oil resistant flexible CPE jacket is extruded over the assembly to complete the construction.

The SOOW Cable
The SOOW cable is the perfect cord for applications that require water and oil resistance. This cable is commonly used in heavy-duty applications in various industries including oil and gas, manufacturing and mining just to name a few. These industries use this cable for portable electrical power applications. The portable wire is resistant to ozone, chemicals and abrasion. It is also impressively flexible. You will find the SOOW cord being used for battery charters, portable lights and equipment that often get exposed to flames, solvents, grease and oils. It is also an ideal wire to use for motor leads and ground tests.

The SOOW is insulated with a synthetic, color-coded rubber that is water, oil and ozone resistant. It has a very technical setup that is made up of tightly packed strands of copper wires. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You may find the cord being used in the controls of a fire alarm, a heat control system, and a push-button station. SOOW cable can survive environments where friction and scratching are a typical occurrence. It is also sunlight and acids resistant and can handle temperatures rising as high as 90°C.

This long lasting cable is approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). It also meets the standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for flexible cord subject 62. Furthermore, the wire is approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for flexible cords C22.2 to 49. It complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (ASHA). 

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