Many from older generations wonder about the use of aluminum in wiring, so when it is used for a mobile home feeder, the eyebrows really go up. However, an Mobile Home Feeder is the feeder of choice by most, if not all, electricians. They are used extensively for mobile homes, especially where permanent wiring is needed.

Oxidation Factor
A few decades ago, when aluminum cables were used, care had to be taken that they were not exposed to air. A little exposure used to cause a film of oxidization on the wires and that would prevent the electricity from flowing smoothly. However, the cables that you get today manufactured within industry standards and are covered with a protective coating which prevents oxidization.

Alloyed For Further Resistance
Moreover, the aluminum used is actually an alloy of the 8000 series, which prevents oxidization to a large extent. Again, the metals that were used in the early days used to decrease the conductivity of aluminum, but nowadays the metals that are used in the alloy significantly increase the strength without affecting the conductivity of aluminum. The Aluminum conductors

The Aluminum conductors for mobile home feeders are a set of four quadruplexed compacted conductors. Of these, one is the neutral conductor which is identified by a white stripe running along the black cross-linked polyethylene insulation. There are two phase conductors, and the polarity ID is shown on one of them by a red stripe. The fourth is the grounding conductor, and this has an overall green insulation.

Easy Installation
With the right equipment by your side, you can get the job done easily. Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder cable is specially designed to suit the power requirements of mobile homes. Although you can find many cables that meet the requirements, it is always better to go in for cables that have the exact specifications.

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