What Is Welding Cable?
Welding Cable is a type of building wire.

How Is Welding Cable Applied?
Welding cable is designed for use as arc welding leads from the secondary side of the power source, which is typical of welders and welding generators.

What Are Some Welding Cable Specifications?
Welding Cable can be used with power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts AC. Some other common features of Welding Cable are that it is typically flame retardant, oil resistant, resilient, resistant to compression cuts and abrasion, and durable.

Where Can I Shop for Welding Cable?
View our selection of Welding Cable by clicking here.

What Are Specific Examples of Welding Cable?
View some of our THHN products by clicking any of the links below. Nassau Electrical carries a wide selection of THHN wire to meet your specifications.

1.6 AWGWelding Cable
2.4 AWG Welding Cable  
3.2 AWG Welding Cable
4.1 AWG Welding Cable
5.1/0 Welding Cable

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