Type W Magnet Crane Marine 2000VCables are designed with superior mechanical strength and impact resistance. These cables are recommended for installations where flexibility, durability and longer flex life are required. The performance of these types of cables in flexing applications is exceptional.

Unique Technical Features of Type W Magnet Crane Marine Cables 2000V
Type W Magnet Crane Marine Cables 2000V are made of extra flexible rope stranding with Class K and soft-drawn uncoated copper. These cables have been designed to have greater flexibility lifespan, reduced copper fatigue and conductor rupture. They also possess excellent physical and electrical properties. The cables are manufactured with easy conductor identification and superior features that allow them to survive without melting and deforming during emergency overload or short circuit conditions.

The construction of these types of cables has been carried out by using conductors that are cabled with non-wicking, non-hygroscopic fillers with an overall binder of rubberized fabric tape. The cables have color coded thermoset (EPDM) for insulation. These cables are rated for constant operation at 105° C to -55° C in all dry situations.

Specific Applications of Type W Magnet Crane Marine Cables 2000V
Type W-Magnet Crane Marine Cables 2000V are used in extremely demanding conditions where it can resist the abusive situations in magnet crane areas of action. They are used in applications where these wires resist cuts over puncture, tearing, abrasion and impact much better than the standard Type W wire, owing to its rough design and choice of materials for construction.

Magnet Crane Cables are the perfect choice for use in scrap yards, foundries, and other installations where there is a severe risk of metal cut through. Other applications include crane applications, portable and stationary heavy duty equipment, conveyors and other mobile equipment.

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