The Type UF – B Copper Underground Feeder cable is usually manufactured as a two or three conductor cable with or without a ground wire. The cable is UL listed and suitable for operation at 600 volts in almost all installations as specified by the National Electrical Code. These feeder cables are generally recognized for specific uses in applications as exposed or concealed wiring. It is suitable for applications for using as new wiring or as replacement wiring in damp, moist, wet, dry and corrosive conditions.

Unique Technical Features of Type UF – B Copper Underground Feeder
The copper conductors used for the construction of Type UF – B Copper Underground Feeder cables are soft annealed copper, either solid or compressed stranded. The phase conductors are lead-free polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated, nylon jacketed and color coded for easy identification purposes. Black, white and red are usually used for color coding. The jacket is gray PVC which can withstand high heat and is resistant towards sunlight, moisture and fungus.

Specific Applications of Type UF – B Copper Underground Feeder
The Type UF – B Copper Underground Feeder cable is generally used as a feeder to outside post lamps, pumps and any other loads or apparatus fed from a distribution point in an existing building. These applications are as specified in the National Electrical Code 1. Other applications of the UF – B cable include underground direct burial and as feeder to outdoor lighting and general branch circuit wiring. Multiple conductor UF – B cables can be used for interior branch circuit wiring in residential or agricultural buildings provided the conductor temperature does not exceed 90°C and the ampacity is limited to that of the 60°C conductors. UF – B cables can also be used for applications specified and permitted for NMC in Section 334.10(B) of the National Electrical Code.

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