The STOW portable cables have been designed to meet UL 62 requirements and it is a standard product suited for indoor as well as outdoor uses. These cords are generally offered in gray or yellow colors. The STOW stands for:

  • S = Service or Hard Service Cord
  • T = Thermoplastic (PVC)
  • O = Oil Resistant Jacket
  • W = Weather and Water Resistance

Unique Technical Features of STOW Portable Cord The STOW Portable Cord is constructed with flexible, bunch-stranded and bare annealed copper conductors as per ASTM B-3standards and UL 62. Color coded premium grade polyvinyl chloride or PVC is used for insulation as well as outer jacketing. The copper conductors are assembled round using fillers and a separator is applied over the assembly.

Specific Applications of STOW Portable Cord The STOW Portable Cord is designed for applications that require an extra hard cable with maximum flexibility. These cables are available in voltage ratings of 300 and 600 volts. STOW portable cables can be used for applications including industrial control equipment, appliances, portable power equipment and robotic systems. They are also used with heavy tools, portable lights, and power extensions.

STOW portable cords are used in portable tools, motors, sound equipment, portable lights and similar equipment. They are commonly seen in homes as well as hospitals and other public or commercial places. A typical application of STOW portable cable rated at 600 volts can be seen in washing machines. The cables are suitable for applications up to 600 volts and a temperature rating between -20°C and 60°C.

Other significant applications of STOW Portable Cords include portable power distribution, push button remote control systems, motor controls, and stage equipment lighting and outdoor applications. These types of cables are suitable for applications requiring flame retardancy. STOW cables are also approved for applications with submersion in water.

Type STOW portable cords are permitted to use in applications as specified in the Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code. They are used in power supply for portable garage lights, battery chargers, portable stage lights and heavy duty power tools which requires extra hard cables for use in dry as well as damp locations. Typical applications for type STOW cords include wiring for industrial machinery, other large appliances, heavy-duty tools and temporary electrical power and lighting installations for construction sites. They are suitable for use in:

  • Dry locations – when the temperature is between -34°C and maximum 105°C.
  • Wet or damp locations – when the temperature is up to 60°C.

STOW cords are ideal for usage in flex applications in harsh environments where high degree of oil resistance and extended service life are in great demand. They can be used as portable cord for electrical power supply and general uses in equipment exposed to severe environments. For instance, these cables are ideal for use in outdoor applications in wet or dry locations, pendants, mobile signs or appliances, wiring of cranes or hoists and connection wire for portable lamps or machineries in construction areas.

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