Type W Cable
Type W cable is most used in power supply applications. It is a portable cable available as a single conductor as well as a multi-conductor.

Single Conductor Type W Cable
It can operate in working environments with temperatures as high as 90°C and as low as -40°C. It has a conductor made of bare copper, bunch stranded and fully annealed. Its insulation is made of premium grade EPDM and its jacket is created using chlorinated polyethylene (CPE).  For reinforcement and to increase the cable’s mechanical strength, a braid made of polyester is fixed between the jacket and the insulation.

The single conductor Type W cable is largely used in portable power supply systems. You will therefore often find this cable being used in night clubs, sound systems, spotlights, theaters and mobile communications vans. The cable has a voltage rating of 600. It is water and sunlight resistant. It is also designed to perform in environments with severe weather conditions. This cable is an ideal choice for environments where electrical wiring often gets into contact with oil, heat, chemicals and alkalis. Some of the standards the cable passes include the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) flame tests.

Multi-conductor Type W Cable
The multi-conductor Type W cable has a CPE jacket that can withstand temperatures of between -40°C and 90°C. Its conductor is made of fully annealed strands of bare copper and its insulation is premium grade EPDM. This cable is often used in light-duty and medium-duty industrial applications. It also finds its use in heavy duty power supply and in AC systems that require grounding as well as those that don’t. You can also use this wire to use in portable and mobile electrical equipment.

Some of the features that make it suitable for the above applications include its ability to withstand severe weather conditions, continued excellent operation in damp and oily environments, and its high resistance to heat. The cable is also resistant to damage through impact. At its core, the cable is bound to increase toughness and flexibility. It meets the standards set by CSA, MSHA and UL. It is also RoHS compliant.

What Is Type W Cable?
Type W cable refers to a type of portable power cable.

How Is Type W Cable Applied?
It is supplied both as a single conductor and multi-conductor cable, and it is suitable for use in light-to-medium as well as industrial mining applications. It can also be applied as power supply cable for heavy-duty and temporary service, motor, battery, and generator leads, and mobile and portable electrical equipment.

Where Can I Shop for Type W Cable?
View our selection of Type W cable by clicking here.

What Are Some Type W Cable Specifications?
Type W cable has differences between its single and multi-conductor variations. The single conductor Type W cable (RHH/RHW cable) is excellent for portable power systems and other similar applications that may require permanent or temporary power. The multi-conductor Type W cable is excellent for industrial and light-to-medium duty mining applications, heavy duty service as power supply cable and AC systems, and for use as motor battery lead.

What Are Specific Examples of Type W Cable?
View some of our Type W cable products by clicking any of the links below. Nassau Electrical carries a wide selection of Type W wire to meet your specifications.

1.8 Gauge Type W
2.6 Gauge Type W
3.4 Gauge Type W
4.2 Gauge Type W
5.1 Gauge  Type W

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