You cannot just walk into a shop and choose the first cable that leaps at you. There are millions of cables out there and while most of them can be used for several applications, they have certain specifications and conditions that must be adhered to. Take the armored cable, for example, which can again be used for a variety of purposes, but it is actually built to answer certain industry needs.

Key Features
The cable is great for use in outdoor applications which calls for an indestructible cable. The cable can withstand any hazardous environments and the metal armor is strong enough to hold against rodent bites. However, this is not the only reason that the interlocked armored MV cables come so highly recommended. There is more to the story –

1.Safety first - With safety becoming a priority, the cable has been UL and IEEE 383 70,000 BTU/hr flame tested.
2.Stability- even under extreme conditions, the cable will be electrically stable.
3.Moisture resistant – this cable can be used in both wet and dry locations.
4.Metal armor – provides mechanical protection against pressure and abrasions. 

Spotted in Unusual Places
Previously, interlocked armor cables were seen in industries and commercial applications where the environmental conditions are harsh. Today we can see them being used almost everywhere and in unusual places such as casinos, entertainment centers, schools, colleges, banks and prisons. Cables for the use of computers, sound and security are also coming as interlocked armor cables.

Advantages of Using Interlocked Armor Cables
There is no need for a conduit when you use interlocked armor cables and so you can save on money and materials used. When you eliminate the need for conduits, you also get rid of bend restrictions and space problems. You can also jacket the cable for easy identification, especially when used in hazardous industries.

Click below to see our Interlocked Armor Cable products
1.Interlocked Armor UL Type MC Copper XHHW-2
2.Interlocked Armor MV-90 Cable Type MC XLP 5-15kV
3.Interlocked Armor MV-90 Cable Type MC EPR 5-15kV

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