There is a lot of debate still going on as to whether copper is better for electrical purposes or aluminum. If price was not a critical factor, most would suggest going in for silver as it is said to be the best conductor of electricity but has a low strength. However, when it comes to electrical wiring, price is a factor, as is efficiency.

Aluminum vs Copper
The price of copper has been fluctuating in the recent years, and last year it really skyrocketed. However, that is not the only reason people have been preferring aluminum to copper. The Aluminum Triplex Overhead conductor is made of the 8000 series of aluminum alloys which is the latest in the industry. It has almost none of the previously seen negative factors of aluminum. In fact, it is just as good, and even better than copper, in some instances. The aluminum alloy is stronger with an improved conductivity, better creep resistance and is more flexible.

Installation Factor
Problems might occur when the aluminum cable is not installed properly, so you must take a few cautious steps. Using a proper stripping tool which will not damage the conductor during installation, is the most important first step. If an oxide layer is formed during installation, clean it off with a wire brush and apply an antioxidant joint compound. You can use Penetrox or NOOX, which will prevent further oxidization.

Common Applications
Aluminum cables are preferred when there is a need for covering great distances, such as across wide rivers or barren land covered with snow. They are extremely durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear that would normally be expected to occur during such conditions. Moreover, when aluminum cables are used instead of copper for long distances, you would be saving a lot of money. Also there will be no compromise on the performance of Aluminum Triplex Overhead conductors, even under harsh conditions.

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