Cable strength should be considered while shopping cables. Cables with high tensile strength provide sustainability and longevity to your installed system. But there are some systems which require extra tough cables. The amount of work and load to be driven would demand for a very strong cables. Some pulling machines used in cable installation exert much force thus the cable has to be strong enough to overcome the forces and resist breakage.SuperTuff Aluminum cable is tough and has the XLPE insulation systems which guarantees it security against damage.

Construction : A complete Supertuff Aluminum cable is composed of lead free semiconductor shield which is cross-linked. The cable has an elaborate insulation system. The insulation is extruded to cover the aluminum conductor strands. Copper tape which is not coated is applied helically over the cable core. To improve the protection of the cable, a black jacket is covered overly on the cables.

The conductor shield is made from lead-free semiconductor with an extruded structure. Lead is harmful for health, lead free cables are safer. This tough cable has a control layer which is made from a thermosetting.

The insulation is TRXLPE which standards for Tree Retardant XLPE. This insulation system helps the cable achieve its super strength. The insulation guarantees the cable long life and also cuts on the cost of maintenance and replacement on the side of the consumers. Even the electricians who conduct installation feel safe to work with cables whose insulation is adequate.

A product has to be approved before it is legally delivered to users. There are international regulatory bodies which oversee that a cable is in full compliance with the set standards. The SuperTuff Shielded Aluminum power cable meets the standards outlined in the ANSI applications and the ICEA, AEICCS8. The approval show that this cable is indeed Tree-Retardant and has cross-linked insulation made from Polyethylene material (TRXLPE). The cable is also shielded thus doesn’t get affected by signals in the external environment.

Features and Benefits
This cable has a jacket which is black, has good sunlight resistant and non-conducting. The jacket is made from PVC hence reliable and worth using in the installation system.

Supertuf Aluminum cable is lead –free and it is environmentally friendly. It is also free from harm to the users and the electrician. Besides that, this cable is treated with dry nitrogen to enhance its performance. It has triple extrusion which increases the interfaces for proper cleaning of the cable.

Low dielectric loss characterizes the performance of this cable. This is due to its high dielectric strength. It has an excellent resistant to moisture which important for electrical cables. Sun light is a challenge for overhead installation systems. Therefore for a good cable, it has to be resistant to the sunlight effects. The Supertuff Aluminum Shielded cable has good sunlight resistance and also refutes water treeing. It has a temperature rating of 90 degrees Celsius in dry and wet places. It also has 130 degrees temperature rating for emergency and 250 degrees Celsiusfor short circuit.

This is one of the super tough cables in electrical applications. All the tests prove that the cable can do well in your system. You may try and see the quality it provides.

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