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  • Duplex Aluminum Cable Type URD

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    The Duplex Aluminum Conductor URD is similar to the Duplex Aluminum Service Drop Cable, employing two tandem compressed concentrically stranded conductors; one phase conductor and one neutral conductor.  Conductors are composed of 1350-H19 aluminum alloy, a 99.5% aluminum product with other metals for added strength and conductivity.  The voltage rating for this cable is 600 volts.  Both conductors are insulated with the option of a standard or a crosslinked polyethylene jacket.  The polyethylene jacket protects both conductors from excessive heat, moisture, dryness, and other corrosive elements.  The Duplex Aluminum Conductor URD Cable meets ASTM specifications standard B-609, which pertains to the cable’s conductivity as well as its tensile strength.

    The Duplex Aluminum Conductor URD cable is used for secondary power distribution.  Duplex Aluminum Conductor URD is designed for underground application and can be installed in duct or direct burial.  The polyethylene insulation on both conductors allows the cable to be used in a wide range of locations.  The standard polyethylene jacket will protect the conductors under most circumstances, allowing the cable to function in temperatures up to 75°C.  For harsher environments such as tropical or arid desert regions, the crosslinked polyethylene proves capable of handling temperatures up to 90°C while shielding against wind, rain, and sunlight.  

    Code Word.............. Phase Conductor Neutral Diameter (mils) Weight Per 1000 feet (lbs.) Allowable Ampacity
    Size (AWG)
    Insul. Thick. (mils) Size (AWG)
    Insul. Thick. (mils) Single Phase Cond.
    lete Cable
    Direct Burial In Ducts
    Bard 8 7 60 8 7 60 262 524 64 70 55
    Claflin 6 7 60 6 7 60 298 596 89 95 70
    Delgado 4 7 60 4 7 60 345 690 127 125 90
    Everett 2 7 60 2 7 60 381 806 152 165 120

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