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Wire & Cable Resources

With so many different types of wire and cable, choosing the correct one can be a challenge. Here at Nassau, we want to provide you with the most information possible when making your decision. Visit our wire and cable resource center to find out more about the wire types we offer, their applications, and which are the best fit for your needs!

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January 21

10 XHHW-2 Copper Building Wire

One of the most versatile wires used in construction is the 10 XHHW-2 copper building wire. The uses for this wire are specified in the National Electrical Code 1 listing. This durable, highly conductive wire differs from some other building wires because of its insulation. It uses...

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January 14

14 XHHW-2 Copper Building Wire

The 14 XHHW-2 copper building wire has a variety of uses that are outlined in the National Electrical Code 1. This versatile wire can be used in a number of different environments, too. XHHW, which stands for Cross-Linked High Heat Water Resistant means that the wire’s insulation has...

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January 7

2/0 Welding Cable

The 2/0 welding cables are useful for a variety of different applications. These cables were designed to be flexible enough to make them useful across different industries. The cable is manufactured to meet ICEA S-75-381 standards. It’s MSHA accepted as per P-7K-123040, RoHS compliant, and meets all...

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December 31

300 MCM XHHW-2 Copper Building Wire

300 MCM XHHW-2 copper building wire is one of several different types of copper wire that is primarily used in buildings. Its uses are set down in the National Electrical Code 1 guidelines, which also include how the wiring should be constructed. As an XHHW wire (which is...

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December 24

350 MCM Welding Cable

The 350 MCM welding cable has a variety of uses. This cable is the perfect wiring solution for a number of different projects, including those in which the wiring may be exposed to moisture or may get wet. This cable is manufactured in accordance to ICEA S-75-381. ...

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December 17

350 MCM XHHW-2 Copper Building Wire

One of the most often copper wires used in buildings and in commercial areas is the 350 MCM XHHW-2 copper conductor building wire. This wire is a particularly good choice for applications needing a 350 gauge wire for several reasons. First, as an XHHW wire, it features a...

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