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  • DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 2kV

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    The DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable is composed of multiple-gauged tinned annealed stranded copper wires, lined with thermoset-complex ethylene-propylene rubber and a black, dense CPE flame, oil and water-resistant jacket. The Cable is further equipped with a choice of polyester or paper-materialed strainer tape used over the cable to act as a separator in case stripping is required. With a durable and corrosion-resistant design, a variety of AWG configurations to choose from, a voltage rating of 2000 V, and a conductor ampacity range of ~90 degrees Celsius makes the Diesel Locomotive Cable a strong contender and flexible choice for easy installations as well as in more challenging projects.

    The DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable - 2KV lends itself to a diverse and nearly limitless array of applications including power-sourcing traction to electric-diesel engines; as a power-feeder cable in mining operations; as a transportable cable for both offshore and onshore rig drills, as wiring/conduit for railway and tram systems; and in telecommunications power supplies and leads.  In addition to its variable potential applications, the DLO cable can be used in wet and dry weather conditions, in aerial installations and boasts successful operations in underground trays, troughs and duct systems. 

    Product Highlights:

    • The DLO Diesel Cable ranges from 1, 2,4,6,8-14 AWG to 1111.0 kcmil and from 19/.0147 to 2745/24-stranded conductors to allow a wide breath of installations to be pursued.

    • From 110 lbs/1000 ft to a 4350 lbs/1000 ft, the DLO cable remains a lightweight, yet easy-to-install option for multiple projects

    Technical Standards

    UL 44/ CSA RW90  Thermoset-Insulated Wires and Cables: requirements for single-conductor and multiple-conductor thermoset-insulated wires and cables rated 600 V, 1000 V, 2000 V, and 5000 V. Only soft-annealed copper, copper-clad aluminum, or an aluminum alloy shall be used for the conductor or conductors in a wire or cable, with 7 to 19 strands.

    CSA FT4   Vertical Flame Test: a vertical-tray fire test for determining values of cable damage height and smoke release from electrical and optical-fiber cables when the cables are subjected to a flaming ignition source.

    UL VW-1  1700 BTU-500W Vertical Flame Test

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Nominal Insulation Thickness (Inches) Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.) Allowable Ampacity 90C (Amps)
    8 Gauge DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.060 8 37/24 0.34 110 83
    6 Gauge DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.060 6 61/24 0.40 150 109
    4 Gauge DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.060 4 105/24 0.46 220 145
    2 Gauge DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.060 2 154/24 0.52 265 192
    1 Gauge DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.080 1 224/24 0.65 420 223
    1/0 DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.080 1/0 280/24 0.69 510 258
    2/0 DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.080 2/0 329/24 0.73 570 298
    3/0 DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.080 3/0 456/24 0.81 790 345
    4/0 DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.080 4/0 551/24 0.84 930 400
    262MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.095 262.6 646/24 0.96 1130 458
    313MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.095 313.3 777/24 1.04 1295 514
    373MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.095 373.7 925/24 1.14 1545 574
    444MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.095 444.4 1110/24 1.23 1820 642
    535MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.110 535.3 1332/24 1.34 2125 725
    646MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.110 646.4 1600/24 1.45 2560 815
    777MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.110 777.7 1924/24 1.54 3050 910
    929MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.120 929.0 2350/24 1.70 3500 1000
    1111MCM DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable 0.125 1111.0 2745/24 1.83 4350 1143

    DLO Diesel Locomotive Wire Info:

    DLO is particularly suitable to source power to traction engines of diesel-electric engines. This is mostly suggested as a portable cable of puncturing rigs, on-shore or off-shore, railroad and transport car wiring, electronic earth-moving gear, in shipyard requests, curve welder supply indications, power and control jumper wire, telcom power source and motor leads. This wire is fit for the use in all wet and dry situations, channels, ducts, troughs or trays, and where larger electrical possessions are desired. The all-out continuous conductor temperature for normal process is 90°C in wet or dry places. DLO resists oils, acids, alkalines, heat, flame, and has abrasion resistance. It’s also a wire that must be designed for flexibility and portability.

    Charging gear and sizes as 1/0 AWG or larger, elastic wiring for installation in canal or dish per the NEC. Specifications of the DLO wires meet or mostly likely exceed all appropriate requirements of the following standards such as ICEA S-75-381, Portable and Power Feeder Cables for use in Mines and Similar applications, ASTM B-33, ASTM B-172 & ASTM B-174, UL Listed as RHH-RHW, and MSHA recognized. The construction of the DLO wire is its significance of flexible aground tin-coated copper. The separator is appropriate dense strainer tape used over the cable to enable stripping.

    The lining is made of EPR (Ethylene-Propylene Rubber) which has a thermosetting complex. This wire has a jacket which is black, heavy duty, oil-resistant CPE or CSPE. Some of the features and benefits of the DLO are the facts of the wire being annealed tinned covered copper, being able to stop corrosion and to let easy connections. Also excellent flame, heat, ozone, oil and chemical opposition, and how it is resistance to tear and scrape. The best part of this wire is the fact that it’s very easy to install.

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