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  • RSCC Aerodefense MIL-DTL-24643/25 Low Smoke Communication with Circuit Integrity Shipboard Cable

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    MIL-DTL-24643/25 is a shipboard cable is made of nickel plated copper. Nickel plating offer an excellent resistance to corrosion. It allows the cable to be stable and durable at extreme temperatures. Nickel plated wires are widely used in aerospace, military, as well as industrial products. The plating using nickel material enhances the performance of the cable. Nickel has high resistance to salt spray, reducing chemical, and alkalis. MIL-DTL-24643/25 cable constructions are non-water blocked.

    Applications : Used as indicator shipboard cable MIL-DTL-24643/25 is used aboard shipboards as an indicator cable for the communication system.

    • Silicone rubber/glass braid
    • An insulation consisting of silicone rubber and glass braids protects the cable. Fiberglass braids ensure the cable can operate in high temperature. Fiberglass is resistant to elements like chemical, moisture, and to some extend abrasion. On the other side, silicone allows flexibility of the cable. It has a long storage life and excellent bonding properties. Silicone rubber is not only flame retardant but also resists heat. It also performs well in high temperatures reaching 180 degrees Celsius. Fiberglass can operate in temperatures of up to 482 degrees Celsius. These two insulation materials ensure that the circuits will perform well even if they are exposed to fire.

    • Low smoke red silicone rubber
    • MIL-DTL- 24643/25 communication cable is jacketed using red low smoke silicone rubber. Silicone is a flexible material that has excellent heat resistance. It is flame retardant and provides moderate resistance to abrasion.

    Armor and shield
    • Armor:aluminum braid
    • Shield material:bare copper braid
    • An aluminum braid is used to armor the cable thus providing mechanical protection. A shield made of bare copper braid is also used to offer more strength to the wire and protect it from environmental damage.

    • Non-watertight
    • Non-flexing
    • Shielded pairs

    conductor cable
    product description
    rscc aerodefense
    military part number
    awg stranding
    18 7 lspi 3 25 armor 3 shielded pairs, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643/25-01AN
    18 7 lspi 7 25 armor 7 shielded pairs, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643/25-02AN
    18 7 lspi 12 25 armor 12 shielded pairs, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643/25-03AN

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