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  • Interlocked Armor Teck90 CSA Power Cable

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    The Interlocked Armor Tec90 CSA Power Cable consists of a Class B stranded bare soft copper conductor.  The soft copper is an annealed copper product that offers more flexibility without compromising the copper’s powerful conductive properties.  The copper conductors are insulated with a cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation, which adds mechanical strength to the cables while protecting the conductors from corrosion.  The insulation on each conductor is color coded for identification.  The assembly includes an uninsulated grounding conductor which is made of Class B stranded copper.  The grounding conductor ensures steady conductivity over the life of the cable.  Fillers and binder tape are used to firmly set the assembly of conductors in place.  A heat, flame and moisture-resistant inner jacket of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the inner layer of the exterior jacket.  Covering the PVC inner jacket is a rigid interlocked aluminum armor which protects the conductors from being jarred or interfered with by outside objects.  The aluminum armor bears a PVC jacket that is also resistant to heat, flame and moisture. 

    Interlocked Armor Teck 90 CSA Power Cable can be used in wet or dry locations.  The cable can be installed in exposed or concealed areas in indoor or outdoor applications.  The cable’s rugged exterior makes is a suitable option for use in harsh climates or in hazardous locations.  Common uses for this cable are for lighting, power, and control circuits in mills, processing plants, mines, commercial centers, refineries, mines, generating stations, chemical plants and industrial plants.  The cable can function continuously between temperatures of -40°C and 90°C.  Underwriters Laboratories lists the cable capable 

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