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  • Interlocked Armor MV-90 Cable Type MC XLP 5-15kV

    The Interlocked Armor MV-90 Cable Type MC XLP 5-15kV cable employs a Class B compressed stranded copper conductor that meets or exceeds ASTM standards B3 and B8.  Class B copper is an annealed copper product that is a popular choice when installing electric wire because is offers more flexibility than standard copper.  The conductors are shielded with an extruded semi-conducting thermosetting polymeric layer which is bonded to the insulation.  The conductors are insulated by crosslinked polyethylene (XLP).  Directly covering the insulation is a shielding layer; an extruded semi-conducting thermosetting layer that helps prevent interference from the electrical charge to any other devices nearby and also helps prevent electrical shock.   The assembly is cabled together with a bare copper ground conductor to ensure steady conductivity and then covered with a binder tape.  The external armor of the cable is a strip of interlocked aluminum armor. 

    This medium voltage cable is designed to transmit medium voltages of 5,000 to 15,000 volts at a maximum conductor temperature of 90°C.  For overload conditions, the conductor can tolerate temperatures up to 130°C and for short circuit situations the conductor can handle a maximum temperature of 250°C.  Interlocked Armor MV-90 Cable Type MC XLP 5-15kV cable is a popular choice in generating stations and substations and also in factories and processing plants.  It is approved for use in hazardous locations as specified by the NEC.  Indoor or outdoor installation options include aerial, in rack, trough, tray, cable tray, or direct burial.  

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