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  • THHN Power Cable- 3 Conductor With Ground Type TC

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    THHN Power Cable-3 Conductor With Ground Type TC

    Product Description:

    This cable assembly contains three THHN copper phase conductors and one bare ground wire.  THHN stands for; Thermoplastic High Heat resistant Nylon coated.  This versatile cable is designed to withstand high heats up to 90°C.  The phase conductors are individually insulated with polyvinyl chloride.  The three phase conductors and bare copper ground wire are wrapped in a clear separator to make stripping the cables easier.  A durable nylon jacket encases the assembly of conductors, further adding to the cable’s defense against wear and tear.


    This product has proven itself capable of performing a wide array of assignments, mostly due to its copper conductors and tough exterior jacket.  The flame-resistant and heat-tolerant outer layer makes the cable suitable for hazardous locations where there is a high risk of fire.  The cable is able to perform efficiently when exposed to oil, coolants, or other chemicals, making it a popular choice for use in oil rigs, chemical plants, and laboratories.  The cable is also sunlight and moisture resistant so the cable can be used in tropical locations or at sea. 


    • This cable adheres to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories, a compliance and regulations organization.  The cable meets UL standard 1277, passing the 70,000 BTU Flame Test as well as the 210,000 BTU Flame Test.
    • The cable is able to operate in temperatures up to 90°C and can carry up to 600 volts.


    • Conductors

    -           This cable assembly includes three THHN insulated phase conductors.   The conductors are made of soft annealed copper.  The extremely powerful conductive components of copper in this product make it a top choice for heavy duty tasks.

    • Ground Wire

    -           The assembly includes one bare copper ground wire.  The purpose of the ground wire is to ensure steady conductivity for the phase conductors.

    • Insulation

    -           The phase conductors are individually insulated with a PVC jacket which makes up for most of the conductor’s heat resistant qualities. 

    • Outer Jacket

    -           The cable’s exterior shell provides protection from abrasion, corrosive liquids and gasses, and harmful UV rays. 

    • Color Coding

    -           Each individual conductor is colored black and labeled with numbers for identification.  The exterior jacket is black as well. 

    Code Name....................... Number of Conductors in Cable Ground Wire Size (AWG) Size AWG Stranding (Al/Stl) Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    THHN 8 Gauge 3 10 8 7 .600 330
    THHN 6 Gauge 3 8 6 7 .700 465
    THHN 4 Gauge 3 8 4 7 .890 685
    THHN 2 Gauge 3 6 2 7 1.040 1015
    THHN 1 Gauge 3 6 1 19 1.120 1270
    THHN 1/0 Gauge 3 6 1/0 19 1.250 1500
    THHN 2/0 Gauge 3 6 2/0 19 1.340 1820
    THHN 3/0 Gauge 3 4 3/0 19 1.440 2250
    THHN 4/0 Gauge 3 4 4/0 19 1.590 2720
    THHN 250 MCM 3 4 250 37 1.780 3310
    THHN 350 MCM 3 3 350 37 2.010 4430
    THHN 500 MCM 3 2 500 37 2.280 6150

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