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  • EPR-HYP Power Cable- 3 Conductor w Ground Type TC

    EPR-HYP Power Cable- 3 Conductor w Ground Type TC

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    EPR Wire

    As the preferred product for industrial applications, the ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) wire is reliable and flexible, providing easier installations. The stability, reliability, and handling will lower overall costs for the EPR wire. 
    Our EPR wire products deliver you the resistance to heat, fire, water and tree, which offers the reliability you need from your cabling. When you need the wire for low to medium voltage insulators or semi-conductors, the right installation will provide long service life. With the increased thermal stability and electrical balance of the insulated cables, our products are compatible with fillers and additives. 
    Use an EPR wire for direct burial, an underground duct, wet and dry locations, or under direct sunlight with its stability when exposed to UV rays. For the highest standards of safety for power distribution, trust the evolution of the ethylene propylene rubber compounds for your cabling. 

    Coated, annealed copper ASTM B-189.Concentric stranded, class B ASTM B-8 and UL-44 paragraph 5,1 (An opaque separator is applied between the conductor and insulation to facilitate stripping) Grounding conductor (where applicable) uncoated annealed copper class B stranding.

    EPR Insul. VW1.
    Thickness per UL-44 table 15.3 and ICEA S-68-516 part 3 table 3-1 column B.

    Three and four conductors are assembled round with flame resistant, non-hygroscopic and non-wicking neoprene fillers as needed. A flame resistant, non-hygroscopic and non-wicking tape binder is applied over the assembly. Three conductor cables are cabled with a grounding conductor.

    Overall Jacket
    Heavy duty, flame and sunlight resistant black VW1 hypalon® per UL-1277 table 10,1

    Color Coding
    Black insulation with ICEA method 4 printed color black.

    Cables conform to article 318 "cable trays" and article 340 "power and control cables type TC" of the 1981 NEC, subject 1277 of UL, and ICEA S-66-524; and meet the requirements of the 70,000 BTU "cable tray propagation test" per IEEE-383, cables show reserve capabilities by also passing the 210,000 BTU flame test.

    UL listed and OSHA acceptable.Recognized for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations and for installation in trays, wireways, troughs, channels, ducts, conduit and aerially where supported by a messenger. Specifically approved for direct burial, wet or dry locations and outdoors in cable trays where a sunlight resistant rating is required. Designed to supply power to motors, or for connections to other power devices

    Code Name....................... Number of Conductors in Cable Ground Wire Size (AWG) Size AWG Stranding (Al/Stl) Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    EPR-HYP 8 Gauge 3 10 8 7 .660 307
    EPR-HYP 6 Gauge 3 8 6 7 .740 424
    EPR-HYP 4 Gauge 3 8 4 7 .885 650
    EPR-HYP 2 Gauge 3 6 2 7 1.010 956
    EPR-HYP 1 Gauge 3 6 1 19 1.155 1151
    EPR-HYP 1/0 Gauge 3 6 1/0 19 1.230 1471
    EPR-HYP 2/0 Gauge 3 6 2/0 19 1.325 1781
    EPR-HYP 3/0 Gauge 3 4 3/0 19 1.440 2168
    EPR-HYP 4/0 Gauge 3 4 4/0 19 1.570 2548
    EPR-HYP 250 MCM 3 4 250 37 1.740 3268
    EPR-HYP 350 MCM 3 3 350 37 1.990 4155
    EPR-HYP 500 MCM 3 2 500 37 2.260 5696
    EPR-HYP 750 MCM 3 1 750 61 2.820 8571

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