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  • EPR-HYP Power Cable- 3 Conductor w Ground Type TC

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    EPR-HYP Power Cable-3 Conductor w Ground Type TC

    The ERP-HYP Power Cable Type TC offers advantages over other cables because of its Hypalon® exterior jacket.  Hypalon® is a chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber that provides exceptional protection to the conductors.  The jacket guards the conductors from being damaged by abrasion and is also resistant to corrosive materials such as chemicals, oil, and excessive moisture.  It also provides a smooth, flexible exterior surface that makes the cable easy to maneuver during installation.

    In addition to the Hypalon® jacket, the cable also bears ethylene propylene insulation, also known as EPR.  EPR is another great material that combats corrosion to the conductors.  Similar to Hypalon® material, EPR protects the conductors from chemicals, oil, and gas.

    The conductive components of this cable are three annealed copper conductors.  The conductors are ASTM rated Class B-189.  Copper is the second most conductive metal on earth.  After undergoing the annealing process, the copper becomes more flexible.  This adds maneuverability to the cable without losing any of the copper’s powerful conductive traits.

    ERP-HYP Power Cable Type TC can be used in any application where resistance to abrasion, chemicals, oil, and ozone is needed.  Common uses include lead wire, appliance wire, transformer leads, motor leads, and coil leads.  The cable can be directly buried with proper approval, but it is most often installed in duct.  

    Product Description:

    This cable gets its name from the ethylene propylene rubber insulation which provides protection for the conductors without compromising the cable’s flexibility and maneuverability.  The multi-conductor cable contains three individually insulated copper conductors and one bare copper ground wire.  The cable assembly is wrapped in a clear separator, making the cables easy to strip if necessary.  The outer layer is a Hypalon® jacket, resistant to sunlight, high heat, fire, water and abrasion.  The cable can carry a maximum ampacity of 600 volts.


    ERP-HYP Power Cable is suitable for a variety of heavy duty tasks.  The cable can be installed in duct or with approval, can be buried directly.  It can also be strung aerially with support from a messenger wire.   Its ability to handle rough conditions makes it a favorite for use in hazardous locations.  This cable can be found in utility substations and generating stations as well as in industrial buildings, mills, factories, and chemical plants.  The product is also suitable for residential and commercial use.


    • In accordance with specifications set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials, this cable is in alignment with ASTM Standard B-189 which sets specifications for lead-coated copper wiring.  The specifications measure the conductor’s tensile strength, elongation, and resistivity.
    • The cable also adheres to regulations set forth by Underwriters Laboratories, a compliance and regulations organization, UL Standard 44 which sets regulations for thermoset conductors.  This standard states that thermoset conductors must be able to tolerate high temperatures as well as be able to function in wet or dry locations. 
    • The product meets specifications for UL 1277, which measures a wire’s ability to resist fire. 
    • The cable passes IEEE Flame Test of 70,000 BTU and also passes the 210,000 BTU Flame Test.


    • Conductors

    -           The three phase conductors are ASTM Class B-189 annealed copper cables.  This particular type of copper coating is flexible and lasts extremely long.

    • Ground Conductor

    -           The assembly contains one bare copper ground conductor.  The ground conductor’s purpose is to ensure steady conductivity through the phase conductors.

    • Insulation

    -           The ethylene propylene insulation protects each conductors electrical components, keeping them safe from corrosive liquids and gasses., 

    • Outer Jacket

    -           The Hypalon® jacket on this cable makes the cable easy to install while adding long lasting protection to the conductors.  The smooth, flexible exterior makes it easy to pull through walls and maneuver around corners.  Once in place, the jacketing serves as the first line of defense against abrasion and corrosion.

    Code Name Number of Conductors in Cable Ground Wire Size (AWG) Size AWG Stranding (Al/Stl) Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    EPR-HYP 8 Gauge 3 10 8 7 .660 307
    EPR-HYP 6 Gauge 3 8 6 7 .740 424
    EPR-HYP 4 Gauge 3 8 4 7 .885 650
    EPR-HYP 2 Gauge 3 6 2 7 1.010 956
    EPR-HYP 1 Gauge 3 6 1 19 1.155 1151
    EPR-HYP 1/0 Gauge 3 6 1/0 19 1.230 1471
    EPR-HYP 2/0 Gauge 3 6 2/0 19 1.325 1781
    EPR-HYP 3/0 Gauge 3 4 3/0 19 1.440 2168
    EPR-HYP 4/0 Gauge 3 4 4/0 19 1.570 2548
    EPR-HYP 250 MCM 3 4 250 37 1.740 3268
    EPR-HYP 350 MCM 3 3 350 37 1.990 4155
    EPR-HYP 500 MCM 3 2 500 37 2.260 5696
    EPR-HYP 750 MCM 3 1 750 61 2.820 8571

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