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    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire’s most popular use is within conduit and cable tray.  In most cases, THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is able to operate without the added security of conduit and cable tray.  However, it is advised that THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire be installed in conduit or cable tray to ensure that the cable is guarded from abrasion or puncture.  Even when installed in conduit, THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is often a less expensive option than armored cable with multiple layers of insulation, jacketing and armor. 

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is heavily used worldwide in almost every industry imaginable.  It is available in a wide range of sizes, which carry different amounts of amperage.  For this reason, THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire can be used for everything from internal wiring in electronics to major service entrance cables in massive industrial plants.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is also included in many other more complex cables that include additional jacketing, shielding and armor. 

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is a concentric lay stranded copper conductor that is insulated with a nylon jacket.  The acronym THHN stands for: Thermoplastic High Heat resistant Nylon coated, referring to the insulation type.  Similarly, THWN stands for: Thermoplastic Heat and Water resistant Nylon coated.  The external jacket creates a protective armor to preserve the conductors from corrosion due to excessive dryness, moisture, and sunlight. 

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire’s versatile properties come mostly from its insulation.  THHN stands for “Thermoplastic, High Heat resistant, Nylon-coated”.  The insulation is made with a thermoset resin that is heated and slowly cooled, making an extremely tough rubber-like material that serves as an excellent protector for the conductors.  Without the insulation, the cable would be much more susceptible to corrosion and abrasion which can potentially damage the cable to the point where the cable is not usable.  The insulation also protects from electric shock so that the cable can be handled more safely and to drastically reduce the threat of fire.

    Small-diameter versions of THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire are used as internal wiring in computers, televisions and other electronics.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire’s powerful copper conductors make for reliable conduction that will not weaken over time.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is available with color-coded conductors for identification.  This is a useful feature when working with internal wiring because there are often dozens of circuits to connect and the color-coding keeps the conductors organized.  Also, the annealed copper conductors have enhanced flexibility due to the annealing process, which is admired in internal wiring.  The cable’s flexibility allows relatively long lengths of cable to be maneuvered and housed inside of a small shell.

    Small-diameter THHN THWN-2 Copper Wires can also be used in small household appliances and lighting.  Typically, small household appliances require about .5 – 12.   amps.  This falls within the range of smaller THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire gauges such as 14 and 12 gauge.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is used as internal wiring for small appliances as well.

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire can be used in household applications for large appliances and equipment.  Home theaters and sound systems require higher amperages than most household appliances, so it is usually a larger cable that is needed.  In the same THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire size class are fitness equipment such as treadmills.  Treadmills require 15-20 amps, so it is important to connect a large enough THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire cable to power them.  On the high end of amperage consumption in residential locations are clothes dryers, water heaters and AC units.  These appliances require 8-4 gauge THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire as they are large amperage consuming pieces of equipment. 

    THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire  is used in municipal applications such as fire alarms and public light signals.  THHN 14 gauge is the preferred cable for these applications because the cable is available in small gauges for internal wiring of these systems.  Public fire alarm systems require long runs of wire to connect the fire alarm hand switches to the alarm sounder.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire can tolerate high temperatures, which is why it makes a good cable for a fire alarm system.  Light signals also use THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire because the wire is impervious to moisture and dryness and therefore can be installed in a public signal structure and will not require replacement for a very long amount of time.  The copper conductor is powerful enough to continuously transmit the amount of electricity needed to power the light signal. 

    Industrial applications use THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire mainly for service entry, feeder and branch circuit cable.  Branch circuits are typically indoor wiring systems within a dwelling or building.  Once the feeder delivers power to the main distribution panel of a building, the power is divided and further distributed to different outlets within the building.  The wiring that leads the current from the distribution panelboard to the interior outlets is called branch circuits.  THHN THWN-2 Copper Wire is the best (and therefore most popular) choice for branch circuiting because it is inexpensive but still has the conductive power to deliver enough amperage to large appliances.  It is easy to install and its antimicrobial traits are resistant to corrosion from bacteria.  It is important to have a cable that will not corrode in a branch circuit because these cables are usually installed with permanent intent.  Therefore, it is very expensive and difficult to replace the wiring if the cable becomes defective. 

    Sizes 1/0-1000MCM are large conductors that carry up to about 600 amps.  These cables are used in large industrial service entrance applications where massive wattage is needed to power large buildings.  Service entrance occurs when secondary distribution is disbursed into a building after being transformed into utility voltage at the transformer.  In many cases, cables used to perform service entrance need to be large enough to transmit enough power to supply entire building.  THHN THWN-2 sizes 1/0-1000MCM are good choices for service entry cables, with lots of options in that range to offer the best amperage rating for the size of the job. 


    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Phase Conductor Insulation Thickness Jacket Thickness (mils) Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Mils) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.) Allowable Ampacity
    60C (Amps) 75C (Amps) 90C (Amps)
    THHN 14 Gauge 15 mls 4 14 19 109 16 15 15 15
    THHN 12 Gauge 15 mls 4 12 19 128 23 20 20 20
    THHN 10 Gauge 20 mls 4 10 19 161 38 30 30 30
    THHN 8 Gauge 30 mls 5 8 19 213 63 40 50 55
    THHN 6 Gauge 30 mls 5 6 19 249 95 55 65 75
    THHN 4 Gauge 40 mls 6 4 19 318 152 70 85 95
    THHN 3 Gauge 40 mls 6 3 19 346 189 85 100 110
    THHN 2 Gauge 40 mls 6 2 19 378 234 95 115 130
    THHN 1 Gauge 50 mls 7 1 19 435 299 110 130 150
    THHN 1/0 Gauge 50 mls 7 1/0 19 474 372 125 150 170
    THHN 2/0 Gauge 50 mls 7 2/0 19 518 462 145 175 195
    THHN 3/0 Gauge 50 mls 7 3/0 19 568 575 165 200 225
    THHN 4/0 Gauge 50 mls 7 4/0 19 624 718 195 230 260
    THHN 250 MCM 60 mls 8 250 37 678 851 215 255 290
    THHN 300 MCM 60 mls 8 300 37 730 1012 240 285 320
    THHN 350 MCM 60 mls 8 350 37 777 1174 260 310 350
    THHN 400 MCM 60 mls 8 400 37 821 1334 280 335 380
    THHN 500 MCM 60 mls 8 500 37 902 1655 320 380 430
    THHN 600 MCM 70 mls 9 600 61 998 1987 355 420 75
    THHN 750 MCM 70 mls 9 750 61 1126 2464 400 475 535
    THHN 1000 MCM 70 mls 9 1000 61 1275 3257 455 545 615

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