At Nassau National Cable, we have been supplying electric wires and cables for over 60 years in both standard and surplus quantity. We work with a number of companies across the country and it enables us to offer a wide array of inventory to our clients. You can order any of our Nassau National Cable products from any of our nationwide branches either through email, phone, or fax, or even directly from our website. Upon paying for a pickup, be sure to bring cash, debit or credit card as it is the only mode of payment acceptable for products previously ordered with the exception of a previously arranged payment terms with your local sales brunch.

At Nassau National Cable, we offer free shipping for any of our products in the United States, which is unlike most of our competitors. However this is aside from expedited shipping in which a nominal fee will apply. For our worldwide shipping, we select the most reliable and convenient company for your shipment including all freight carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

Prior to shipping, we make sure to inspect all of our products to ensure that they are in good shape, in the right amount. We also provide our clients with export documents in the event that you want to ensure smooth export either by ocean or air into your country.

We have a qualified team of customer service staff in all of our branches on a 24/7 always available and ready to tend to you by all means. We sell worldwide to everybody and no job is too big or too small for us. We are always ready and willing to export and handle all the paperwork involved with your purchase.

Since our business is family owned, our family business model sets us apart from the rest of our competitors, which enables us to work more personally and closely with you with utmost honesty and integrity. Since our mission is to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services, we thrive to do all it takes to make sure that our products reach to you wherever you are and in good time.

At Nassau National Cable, we are dedicated to ensuring that our products reach to your destination quickly and at a competitive price whether you choose to import or make an order through our network of local distribution partners. You can get more information on our authorized distributors from with an assurance of top quality service.

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