Category 6A cables products should have certain specifications, however, there are different physical properties that define them. If you are in the market to buy Cat 6A cable, you want to make sure you know what to look out for. Here are some important things to consider when choosing Cat 6A cable:

Installation complexity 
You will find that most Cat 6A cables tend to be larger in size. If you are installing the wires in an area with limited space, you might face challenges. The cables are large since they materials are thick. They have twists made in the copper pairs and the outer jackets are thicker. There are also larger splines that separate the pairs. So, it will take longer for you to prepare and terminate the cables. Usually thinner, round cables are easy to install and take less time to finish the job.

Size and weight 
With Cat 6A cables, they operate at frequencies that are almost twice that of Cat 6. To be able to control the cross talk and noise exhibited at high frequencies, Cat 6A tend to be larger, almost by 50 percent the size of Cat 6 cables. What this means is that the large size is going to limit the number of cables that can fit in a conduit or cable tray something that brings challenges in retrofit installations. The newest Cat 6A cables may not be that larger, at only 15 percent larger compared to Cat 6. However, you will find that many available Cat 6A will be larger and heavier. 

Channel length 
With some small diameter Cat 6A cables, they may not be able to support full 100-meter distance in every channel if you are delivering PoE. So, they need derating to a less length. When you have a cable that can support the full 10 meters channel length, it ensures greater performance and can support different data center configurations. 

The Belden’s Category 6A 10GX System such as 10GXS33 Multi-Conductor - Category 6A Bonded-Pair Cable is designed to overcome the drawbacks which are associated with the typical Cat 6A cables’ installation and use. These cables can support mission critical installation needs within storage area networks, server farms, and dater centers. The cable helps you save on space have superior performance. When bundled together, these is less temperature rise. The cables can support the full 100 m channel length and you don’t have to derate them regarding operating temperatures.  

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