RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/8 and 9 cables are medium weight wall cables used in military applications. These cables are made for high temperature environments. They are also designed to meet safety requirements. You may want to know the features that define these cables.

Weight and size
In shipboards and aviation, cable sizes and weight are of great concern. The weight of cables can create dragging effects of vessels in water and it may also create airplane load effects. RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/8 and 9 are medium weight because they are made of lightweight insulation and jacketing materials. They are neither too heavy nor too light. They possess size advantage too.

The cables offer smaller diameter because of their medium-size walls and this helps improve the cable management in installations. A proper high density cable management and harnessing provide better airflow to ensure there is consistent operating temperatures. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of experiencing downtimes and system’s failure.

Cable protection
SAE AS81044/8 and 9 cables are protected using quality insulation and jacketing. The jacketing of the lead wires ensures there is excellent resistance to cold flow, notch propagation, abrasion, shrink back, cut through, and chemicals. These cables are insulated with irradiated cross-linked extruded polyalkene.

Ease of workability
Technicians installing the cables find it easy to work on them. Made of soft annealed coated copper and silver coated copper, these ensure ease of soldering but for the silver coating, an active flux material is needed.  The cables stripe and strip easily ensuring that during installations and servicing, the work is easier for the technicians. The insulation and jacketing are also highly flexible meaning that it is easy to do installations of the cables.

Safety of the cables
The low smoke feature of the cables ensures that in event of a fire outbreak, evacuation of people can be done easily. When cables release too much smoke when they burn, it can impair rescue operations. However, low smoke emissions may not mean the smoke is not hazardous. The dual layer of insulation also allows for easy identification of wear and tear whether during installation or thereafter. The outer layer has a different pigment from the inner layer, so if there is abrasion that exposes the inner layer, it is easy identified. If any defects on the cable insulation are noted, they are worked on to prevent further damage or short circuiting.

Using properly engineered cables for your military, shipboard, avionics or missiles applications ensures that you do not experience systems’ failures or downtimes. It also offers circuit integrity and the installations can last for long. The cables should also be safe to use to prevent incidents of accidents occurring. The above elements and features ofRSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/8 and 9 Medium Weight Wall Cross-Linked PVDF 600V Cable make them perform well in military environments and shipboards. You may want to ensure that you look at these features and the specifications of the cables just to make sure you are getting the right cable product.

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