Bostrail DLO AAR 591 cable consists of a single conductor of voltage 600 to 2000 and is designed to be used where portability and flexibility are desired. If you are seeking an AAR 591 specification cable, you may want to know the features to look out for. Here are some of the qualities that define a Bostrail DLO AAR 591 cable such as Prysmian and Draka Cable Bostrail DLO AAR 591 Single Conductor EPR Insulation CSPE Jacket 2000 Volt Cable:

Excellent flexibility
Flexible cables make it easier for technicians to install them. It is also easy to do repairs and rewiring should there arise the need.  Prysmian and Draka Cable Bostrail DLO AAR 591 is a flexible single conductor. Insulated with ethylene propylene rubber and a jacketing of chlorosulfonated polyethylene, these materials are highly flexible, yet durable. Some materials may be flexible in such a way that proper handling is needed during the time of installation, as this prevents damage of the cable.

Sunlight resistant
Ultraviolet rays can cause damage on cables that do not have proper insulation and jacketing. To ensure that a Bostrail DLO AAR 591 cable resists sunlight, it needs to be insulated and jacketed using the right materials.CSPE, which is used to jacket the cables protects them against sunlight and it performs well in a range of temperatures.

Resistance to chemicals and oils
Some insulation and jacket materials will degrade fast when exposed to oils and chemicals. Because DLO cables are used in wiring diesel locomotives, transit cars, railroads, offshore drilling rigs, and earth moving equipment, it is likely that they are exposed to chemical fluids and oils. To preserve the integrity of the installations and performance of the equipment and systems, there is need to have cables that have protection from these elements. EPR and CSPE materials used to insulate and jacket DLO cables ensure resistance to oils and chemicals. 

Abrasion resistance
Abrasion can cause a cable to wear out. This may expose it to environmental, mechanical, and chemical damage. Again, the covering on the cable ensures that it resists abrasion for prolonged service life.

DLO cables may also be used to provide power supply to AC welders. They may also be used as power and motor leads. The soft, annealed tinned copper conductors can work in applications that experience temperatures reaching 90 degrees Celsius.

These are some of the qualities that you may want to examine when seeking a DLO AAR 591 cable since they help ensure that it performs well after installation. With the proper insulation that meets the specifications indicated for these military ground cables, you are sure that you have a product that will serve you well. Make sure you get your conductor cable from only trusted manufacturers to prevent unexpected failures and downtimes. Examine the material used to make the wire including the metal part, the jacketing, tape, insulation, and other components. Look at the temperature and voltage rating just to make sure you are getting the right conductor for your specific application. 

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