Type GG – C Industrial Power Cables are manufactured with rope-lay, stranded, annealed bare copper conductors. These conductors are then insulated with premium grade 90°C EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) which is usually color coded. The insulated conductors are then assembled round with insulated grounding conductors and suitable non-wicking rubber fillers. These UL listed cables conforms to major international standards such as CSA and MSHA, RoHS Compliance andFT-5 Flame Test.

Unique Technical Features of Type GG – C Industrial Power Cable The Type GG – C Industrial Power Cables have excellent impact and abrasion resistance. These cables are generally designed with high resistance towards oils, solvents, ozone, sunlight and aging. The rope lay stranding gives the cable maximum flex life. The cable is specifically designed for superior flexibility and toughness. They have non-wicking rubber fillers (GGC) and are usually easily identifiable because of their indent print.

The conductors are covered with a Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) black jacket which is flame retardant and possess good mechanical properties. The temperature rating for Type GG – C Industrial Power Cables is set between the ranges -40°C to +90°C. The cables have been rated at 2000 volts and can be operated for up to 90°C in dry locations and 75°C in wet locations.

Specific Applications of Type GG – C Industrial Power Cable Type GG – C Industrial Power Cables are specifically suitable for portable power supply use in industrial and mining applications, heavy duty service power cable applications and can be used as a power cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment in a continuous conductor temperature of about 90°C. Other applications for these types of cables include AC mining machines, drills& cutting machines, roof bolters, lifting magnets, welders, loaders and other portable and mobile equipment which requires a self-containing grounding conductor and continuous ground monitoring conductor. It is also suitable for wet or marine applications. It can be used to supply power to open pit strip and deep mines.

Type GG – C power cables are well suited for use on A. C. off-track mining equipment. They are also specifically designed for A.C shuttle car service. These types of cables can also be used in mobile mining equipment such as continuous miners, drills, cutters and loading machines. The type GG – C cables are used for applications where the grounding conductors and a ground check conductor are required. These cables are commonly seen in light to medium duty mining applications as a portable power supply cable where the cables are not subjected to continuous flexing. It is also seen in applications such as pumps, conveyors, belt drives, belt take-ups, battery chargers and miscellaneous portable equipment.

The protective jacket of the Type GG – C Industrial Power Cables makes them ideal for industrial applications in severe environments. These cables are also perfect for more powerful generators and power tools as they are bigger and stronger. Other applications for these cables are conveyors, drills, pumps and submersible applications. They are also used for three-phase AC where grounding conductors and a fail-safe ground monitoring ground check conductor are required.


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