Frequently Asked Questions - UL 3074

Are there special instructions I need to follow when using UL 3074 wire?

Because UL 3074 is primarily made of soft annealed, tinned copper material, there specific instruction you need to adhere to so as to ensure good performance. The wire is rated 200 degrees Celsius meaning that you need not use it in applications that demand for higher temperatures. Make sure that you use the wire in applications of 600 volts.

What are the available certifications for the UL 3074 wire?

This wire meets the UL SF-2 and VW-1 certifications. It is RoHS compliant.

Where can I use UL 3074 wire?
There are many applications where you can use this wire. Some of them include electric motors and generators, ovens, and furnaces, as well as other heating and cooling equipment. It is also used in food processing equipment and other appliances. The wire is also used for internal wiring of electronic equipment and lighting fixtures.

Are there alternatives construction for UL 3074?

Yes, there is an alternative construction for UL 3074. You can get a version of the wire made of soft annealed, nickel-plated copper. 

How do I identify UL 3074 wire?
There are certain things you need to look out for to know if it is a UL 3074 wire. First, the construction involves a tin coated or nickel coated copper. So, depending on the coating, you may find that the outside appearance of the coat is different but the core material is coppery. A tinned copper conductor will be brownish on the outer layer and a nickel-plated copper will have a silver white appearance on the outer layer. The jacket is made of fiberglass braid and the insulation is derived from silicone rubber.

What is the difference between nickel coated and tin coated UL 3074?

The coating on the copper material defines the range of temperatures and corrosivity level of the wire. Nickel coated UL 3074 wire can work well in higher temperatures compared to tin coated. So, if you are going to use the wire in applications that exhibit higher temperature, you may opt for nickel coated version of the wire.

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