Marine environments like the gas drilling and petroleum drilling areas tend to have unique characteristics. These areas experience temperature extremities, moisture, salt sprays, and probably mud. There are equipment’s that are set up to facilitate the drilling operations. Without the proper cabling and wiring, these equipment and facilities would fail. Control cable – 600/1000 volts are designed to work best in these environments. For example, HW278 MULTI-CONDUCTOR CONTROL CABLE 0.6/1kV Armored & Sheathed 110°C Gexol® Insulation is engineered for use in drilling locations within the marine environments. Here are some typical applications where you may find the usage of these control cables:

Driller’s console
A driller’s console is an important equipment or system in the drilling rigs. It is a remote technological module that is designed to capture and switch data at the rig. If this equipment is not working properly because of electrical or circuit fail, it may pose a disaster. It is the system that displays warnings and alarms to sound an alert for emergency. So, you can imagine how crucial it is to have it functioning well. To get the signals clearly, the right cables need to be used. Multi-conductor control cable designed for use in voltages up to 1KV may be installed or used to install and provide wiring for the equipment.

Gas and fire detectors
In drilling environments, there are apparatus fueled by gas. It is also likely that gas may be released in course of drilling. If this is not detected, it could quickly lead to a disaster. There are fire and gas detectors that are installed to help in the alarm system. These can detect and sound an alarm when there is gas leak or gas is being released from surrounding areas. In case of a fire, a fire detector become helpful to ensure people are evacuated from the location. These systems need to be wired using the right control cables.

Ballast controls
In semi-submersible oil drilling environments, ballast control systems are used. These systems consist of a series of pipes, pumps, valves, and tanks that work to offer a liquid control system to help ensure the vessel remains at an even keel. The wiring of the ballast control should therefore be done using the right cables to ensure the system does not fail and cause accidents.

Control cable- 600/1000 volts have been designed to ensure that the applications they support are safe, functional, and long lasting. The HW278 MULTI-CONDUCTOR CONTROL CABLE 0.6/1kV Armored & Sheathed 110°C Gexol® Insulation for instance is made using soft annealed tinned copper conductor and coated with a flame and fire retardant material such as cross-linked polyolefin. It is also jacketed with the flame and oil resistance material called arctic grade PVC.

So, if you will be in the market to purchase control cables for use in marine and drilling applications, make sure they meet the qualifications and rating including the temperature rating, the resistance to damaging elements, and their engineering. Look at their flexibility and kind of material used to make the conductor.

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