In applications that demand for enhanced protection of a cable from heat and high temperatures, you want to have the right product. The RSCC Aerodefense High Temperature Surprenant AD300 Shielded and Unshielded Military Cable, with a nickel-plated copper alloy, has enhanced thermal performance. While the conductor has similar properties to those you find with FEP and PFA wires, during its production, its thermal performance is enhanced. Surprenant AD300 high temperature wire can withstand high temperatures reaching 305 degrees Celsius. In fact, it will continue operating in environments where materials such as ordinary PTFE, PFA, and Polyimide will quickly degrade with exposure to high temperatures.

So, what makes Surprenant AD300 High Temperature Cable so enduring?
From the engineering of the wire to the insulation and jacketing, the components are designed to withstand extreme high temperatures. A nickel coating is used on the copper material to make sure that it does well in high temperature operations. Nickel is a substance that withstands low as well as high temperatures. Nickel has a maximum service temperature of 450 degrees Celsius and among the common metals used to plate or coat copper wires, nickel has the greatest temperature rating. It also has great electrical conductivity, which is placed at 25 percent of that of copper though silver outperforms nickel with an electrical conductivity of 106 percent that of copper. While nickel may be soldered, it requires use of active reflux substance during soldering. Nonetheless, it has excellent welding properties. And because a fluoropolymer is used to insulate AD300 cables, this further gives them an edge when used in high temperature environments. Fluoropolymers have excellent resistance to fire and flame or heat.

Where to use AD300 Cables
Typical applications where you may use these cables include missiles, vehicles, and avionics needless to mention shipboards. In military operations, the equipment used should have wiring installation that can meet the challenges presented by such operations. Heat, flame, fire, and high temperatures are common in military operations or environments and the cables for wiring systems and equipment need to withstand such elements. This ensures that the cables do not get damaged easily and they don’t degrade fast. The cables may be designed to be low smoke, zero halogen where safety is enhanced, especially when used in manned equipment, vehicles, ships, and other applications. The people in those locations are not likely to be put at risk when there is flame or fire occurring.

If you are seeking AD300 High Temperature cables, these are some of the features and characteristics that you should look out for. You don’t want to put people at risk when they are in military operations or in ships. Using quality military ground cables like the RSCC Aerodefense High Temperature Surprenant AD300 Shielded and Unshielded Military Wire can help you maintain safety, circuit integrity, and ensure the installations last for long. But remember that specific military operations and equipment’s demand for specific wiring installations. So, always look at the specifications and situations in which you will use the cables and wires.

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