Electrical pump scenarios can be dangerous.  There is always a risk of electrical shock when you mix electricity with water.  Here at Nassau Electrical Supply, we know the importance of having reliable and safe submersible pump cable and we aim to supply you with the best equipment on the market so that you can rest assured that your submersible pump will not become an electrical hazard.

This cable is the round version of the submersible pump cable.  The cable relies on the powerful conductive properties of soft annealed copper to ampacities voltages up to 600 volts.  Annealed copper is a copper product that has been softened to enhance flexibility without compromising the conductivity of the copper metal.  The cable comes with the option of three or four phase conductors.  Each phase conductor is wrapped in crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.  The insulation protects the conductors from abrasion as well as from corrosion due to exposure to oil, petrochemicals, water, acid gas, and sunlight.  The cable includes a bare soft annealed copper ground conductor to ensure steady conductivity.  Fillers are added to the assembly as needed to ensure the conductors fit snugly within the exterior armor and jacket.  An aluminum interlocked armor acts as the strength member of the cable.  The armor is a rigid, metallic shell that protects the conductors from cut-through and abrasion.  A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket coats the aluminum armor and serves as the exterior skin of the cable.  The PVC jacket is the first line of defense against abrasion as well as sunlight, water, moisture, oil, and high or low temperatures.

The Armored Submersible Round Cable offers more flexibility than its flattened counterpart.  The cable is typically used in pump applications in residential, commercial, and industrial areas or any location with high amounts of water and moisture.  It is often used to in swimming pools, fountains, and sprinkler systems.  The cable is designed to operate in wet conditions, even when it is completely immersed in water.  Its PVC jacket and aluminum interlocked armor protect the cable from unseen underwater hazards that may damage the conductors.  The cable holds a maximum temperature rating of 90°C in both wet and dry locations.  Other uses for the Armored Submersible Round Cable include direct burial and embedded in concrete.


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