Frequently Asked Questions- Power Duct TC7 HDPE Duct Cable

I have a cable installation project with cables being buried under the parking lot, can I use TC7 HDPE duct?
Yes, you can use TC7 HDPE duct in the section that passes under the parking lot. However, other sections of the cable may not require the use of this cable, especially if there will be no exposure to mechanical and physical damage. Nonetheless, if there is high susceptibility to corrosion, for example, increased exposure to moisture, you can use the TC7 HDPE duct.

Typically, TC7 HDPE duct offers additional corrosive and physical protection. So, if the wiring is passing underground in buried applications, you may want to use the TC7 HDPE duct. This is because, the areas adjacent to the parking lot may have water running in trenches and at some point, the moisture may begin to have effects on your cabling. 

I want to purchase TC7 HDPE duct cable, how am I going to identify it?
Like most other HDPE duct cables, the duct comes in black. So, look to see that it is black in color although at times, there may be customized looks such as stripes and custom colors. Also, the duct is made of high density polyethylene, which feels hard and flexible. It appears like the plastic pipes or fittings made of HDPE material.

What other applications can I use TC7 HDPE duct cables?
There are many applications that require the use of TC7 HDPE duct. For example, transport departments use them in highway lighting. In airport lighting projects, these duct cables are also readily used. In parking lots and driveways, you may also use them. If you are doing cabling for telephone, fiber optic, CATV cables, and house power, you may also use them.

For example, they can be used in utility applications and in sports facilities. Basically, anywhere you expect to have high traffic whether it is vehicle or people traffic, you may consider using these duct cables for enhanced protection and safety of people, machinery, as well as the cables themselves. Areas that may have rodents such as in warehouses, you can use the cables. 

How is the engineering capabilities of TC7 HDPE duct cables?
The performance of the cables is pinned on the duct systems where the cables run through. HDPE ducts are flexible, withstand moisture, and offer protection against chemicals. They are also available in long lengths meaning there are fewer points of connections, which minimize the expense of doing the installations. You can run your cables in areas with bends because the ducts are flexible. 

In the event that there is damage that needs repairs, you will not need to excavate the entire trench to reach the damaged part. You can access a particular area, pull the cable and see where it is damaged so that you do the repair. In case of an upgrade of the cables, it is also easily done.  

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