Frequently Asked Questions- Schedule 40 HDPE duct

I want to purchase Schedule 40 HDPE duct; how do I identify it?
If you are out to purchase HDPE duct, you can look at the appearance of the duct. It comes in black color and there may be custom colors or even extruded stripes ducts. Another element to look at is the duct material itself. It is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). See that it’s labeled Schedule 40, which is indicated by the wall thickness according to ASTM D-2447 Standard Specification. It looks like the HDPE plastic pipes or plastic fittings material.  

I am installing cables in an area without high traffic, do I need to use Schedule 40 HDPE duct?
It will depend on the specific circumstances and situations you are using the cables. You may use Schedule 40 HDPE duct even if there is no traffic. This is because while a location may not have high traffic, there may be other elements that may cause damage to the cables. For example, if you are using it in airport lighting or in highways for traffic lights and signals, you want to determine if there is anyother possible mechanical damage that may arise for example, there may be rodents. 

There may be need for replacement of the cables in time, and to make work easier, the HDPE duct allows easy repair work or replacement. You will not need to dig every trench or tunnel to access the damaged part. 

How is Schedule 40 HDPE duct designed to endure mechanical damage and offer better performance
The material used to make the duct is HDPE, and with it there are features that allow the duct to endure mechanical damage. The material has long term strength, which means it offers extended performance and lifespan. It also withstands external loads. Since it is flexible, it can work well in areas where there are bends. 

The low coefficient of friction makes the installation process to be done fast. HDPE resists aggressive soils and corrosive chemicals. It is moisture proof and offers protection against rodents. The fewer joints help reduce installation costs. 

In what installations can I use Schedule 40 HDPE duct?
Ideally, you will use Schedule 40 HDPE duct cables in applications that require additional protection from mechanical damage. You can use it in homes when passing wires under the driveways or parking lots because of the vehicular activities. The cables can be used in airports, highways, commercial premises, and other locations where there may be traffic and risk for exposure to rodents. 

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