Frequently Asked Questions- Prysmian and Draka Cable PEST-Duct Cable(Polyethylene Steel Tape)

How can I identify Prysmian and Draka Cable PEST-Duct Cable?
When you look at the duct cable, it is black, however, it may be available in other colors. It’s made using HDPE material. This is the material you see in polyethylene plastic pipes or fittings. It is tough, yet flexible. There is a steel armor and thick jacket of HDPE material.

I want to install a fiber optic cable; can I use Pest –Duct?
Yes, if your fiber optic cable is running through environments where they may be exposure to moisture, rodents, gophers, ballistics, or chemicals, then you can use Pest-Duct to offer protection against the optic cable. Pest-Duct can be supplied empty meaning you pull in your cable as needed or you may have it preinstalled with conductors including fiber optic cable, coax cable, paired communication cable, airport lighting cable, XLP-USE, and many others. 

How is PEST-Duct cable engineered?
A steel armor with a copolymer applied on one side ensures corrosion resistant while protecting the duct from physical forces and mechanical damage. The steel armor resists the gnawing action of rodents and other creatures meaning that they cannot penetrate the internal liner thereby ensuring the integrity of the duct to protect cables in it.

The duct is also impact resistant meaning that cables are protected against incidental shovel damage. The long lengths of the duct mean that fewer couplers are needed. It also speeds up the installation process thus saving time and money. 

Where can I install Prysmian and Draka Cable PEST-Duct cable?
Pest-Duct can be used in rugged environment where additional protection is required. You can install them in high traffic areas such as airports, railroads, roadways, warehouses, and industrial environments. They can be used in both buried and aerial applications. 

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